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Strength of an Electromagnet Investigation

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H                                          Lordswood Boys School

        My   Investigation        H

Name :  Malkeet Singh Marie

Set: 11Z

Title of investigation – Strength of an Electromagnet


Aim The aim of this experiment is to see whether the current in amps going through a coiled soft – iron core affects the strength of the electromagnetic field.

Fair Test       (Say how you will make your investigation a fair testby naming each variable you             will keep the same as you do the experiment.) I have made this experiment fair by undertaking the following points:

  • Keeping the voltage constant
  • Keeping the number of coils constant
  • Keeping the nature of the core constant

Diagram(Label it clearly.)

Apparatus List

  • Rheostat
  • Power supply
  • Compass
  • Ammeter
  • Electromagnet (Soft – iron core with coils (100))
  • Connecting wires
  • Ruler
  • Wire component
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Set up apparatus as shown in diagramCheck if the current in amps is correct to what is neededStart experimentThen repeat each experiment three timesCarry out the steps above for each different current settingFinally, find the average for each results and record in results table


                    To make this experiment safe for myself and others I will make sure that I disconnect the power supply before connecting the wires to the apparatus. I will also disconnect power after each experiment is over as there is a risk of heating up the core.


  I will measure the distance from were the compass is affected by the electromagnetic field. This will be measured in cm. It will be recording three times and then an average will be taken to help me gain a firm conclusion. I will vary the current in amps from 1 to 5 amps.


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Accuracy.  (How accurate are your results? How can you say? (Look at how smooth or otherwise you graph is, and also at how much spread there is on your repeat readings.)

Odd Results. Where there any – if so point them out. Try to explain how you might have got them.

Problems And Possible Solutions. ( (i) Describe any problems you had when doing your experiment. ii) How suitable was your plan of action for finding the answer to your question – what shortcomings were there in it?  iii) How could you improve or change your plan to get more reliable and accurate results?

Firm Conclusion? Explain whether your evidence is strong enough to support a firm conclusion. Mention the accuracy of the results, ‘smoothness’ of your graph (how close to the best fit line were the points?) and known shortcomings in the plan.

Further work. Can you say how you might get more evidence to support your conclusion or to extend your investigation?

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