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The Glass Menagerie: What Sort Of Atmosphere Is Created and How Is It Achieved In The Opening Three Scenes

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The Glass Menagerie: What Sort Of Atmosphere Is Created and How Is It Achieved In The Opening Three Scenes There are many factors which can contribute to the pervading atmosphere of any play. But in this play there are peculiar, original ways in which Williams's goes about this. The Glass Menagerie would seem like a harder play to create a dense atmosphere for because of the small amount of characters and the only one setting. A major difference in this play is evident directly from the beginning. This is the narration that the audience is given by one of the main characters, Tom. It is strange because once his narration is given, Tom jumps directly into the dialogue. ...read more.


Williams gives very strict stage directions and this can only contribute to the atmosphere, even without lines being read. "Atmospheric touches and subtleties of direction play a large part..." the opening description of the set and how it should be set out is one of the largest factors of atmosphere. Williams uses words and phrases such as "dark, grim rear wall..." and "murky canyons of tangled... sinister lattice work..." With directions like this, the modern director is obviously going to create a almost gothic picture of scary darkness, and it is because of these directions that atmosphere is formulated so easily. The fact that this is "a memory play" automatically gives atmosphere to the audience. ...read more.


It is a very unusual device and it is obvious that because of his film experience Williams has included the screen. So he is capable in some ways of being able to manipulate the play in similar ways to a film. For example, a film can suddenly cut to a completely different place, with different characters. The screen allows extra freedom with emotions. It also compliments very well the "memory" aspect of the play in which actions or scenery can be unnatural. It can be said that the screen has a symbiotic relationship with the memory, we know as humans that memory is not straightforward and direct, and that the mind can paint wonderful pictures. It is this sense of mind, which the screen adds to the atmosphere. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sunil Kesur 6T 02/05/07 ...read more.

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