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My Work Experience.

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My Work Experience Finally the day had come; our first day of our work experience, today was when we stepped out of our childish sugar coated world, into the harsh reality, of what is work. I woke up later than usual, the extra hour gave me more time to worry to what the day ahead is going to bring, happiness? Sadness? Exhaustion? This question ran through my head like a freight train, over and over again. The morning passed rather quickly without a word being spoken between my mum and me. Next minute I knew I was stepping out of my house into the miserable Monday morning weather. "Is this a sign of what's going happen today?" I pondered. On the way to my work experience I remembered the instructions they gave me, "Casual clothes, check, 9.00am start check" I murmured to myself. Everything was going according to plan, I glanced outside the window, to see a sea of confusion as the traffic jams hit the M4, as other people like me were on their way to work. "There it is" I said to myself "My home for the next week". We pulled up to the barrier where the guard came over to us. He was a pretty built man, with a balding patch on the crown of his head and a 70's moustache. ...read more.


Another 5 minutes passed and another and finally at 9.15am someone was walking over to me. At first I didn't notice him, as I was still playing my game. "Hello, are you here on work experience?" the man asked. He was a rather fat man but quite tall and had a strong Scottish accent, which I was finding difficult to understand. "Err, yes" I replied. We shook hands, told me his name was Graeme and he told me to follow him. I was relived to move out of the reception, but I even more nervous, as I was being taken to my work area. I was now in the actual working area where I will be spending the best part of 8 and half hours a day for a week. Inside the building it was very modern, and very spacious. I looked in every room we went past; there was a massive Xerox machine and quite a few coffee machines, which I thought I will be spending most of my time in. We came to my work area, there were 4 other people I will be working with in this section, but I will come into contact with a lot more. Graeme, who I met in the reception, showed me the work area and introduced me to everybody and their names. ...read more.


At about 12.45pm Russ, H and I went back to our work area. They both quickly got their heads down and worked, where I on the other hand was in my own world as I went on my own computer and surfed the net. Russ and H told me about the other work experience people they have had in the past, and they told me how they sent one boy about the same age as me to ask someone for a long wait, which I thought was well funny, which made me realise that I had to keep my wits about me. "Jon, can you ask Stacy for some skyhooks" Russ asked me. Remembering who Stacy was, without a thought I obliged. "Stacy, Russ wants to know if you have any skyhooks?" I enquired. "I think they are pulling your leg" She replied. And at this moment I felt like an idiot. How could I have fallen for it? Finally it was 5.30pm; I was shattered to say the least. I walked out of the reception to find my mum in the car park, I was ready to face the usual line of questioning, how was it? Did you enjoy it? What did you do? I got in the car and we drove back home, when I got in I fell asleep. Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and week. ...read more.

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