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Fenix del Sur, LLC is a regulated liability company that sources and sells a extensive variety of South American and African artifacts.

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Dr. Priscilla G. Aaltonen For: Marketing Management Date: 10/11/2012 ________________ Overview Fe?nix del Sur, LLC is a regulated liability company that sources and sells a extensive variety of South American and African artifacts. These artifacts consist of replicas, jewelry, and pottery. The firm?s headquarters is currently located in Phoenix, Arizona; also they have other branches stationed in Los Angeles, Miami, and Boston. Fe?nix del Sur originated as a traded post operation near Tucson, Arizona, in the early 1900s. Over the years, Fenix progressively expanded its product line to include pre-Columbian artifacts from Peru and Venezuela, also tribal and burial artifacts from Africa. Fenix has established a great reputation incurring gross sales of about 25 million and increasing at a constant rate of 20 percent per year for the last decade. Problem Statement Fe?nix main problem in this case is that it is getting difficult to reach the artifacts therefore supply is becoming limited. Also not only must they search harder for new products, but the competition for authentic artifacts has increased dramatically. ...read more.


Also another advantage is that they have a great reputation with customer trust, and their sales have gradually increased by 20% each year. A weaknesses that the company has is being eliminated as a middleman meaning that no longer are they the buyer from the supplier and the seller to the customer. Also possibly loosing current dealers that only deal in authentic antiquities would be another weakness. The case states that there have been dealers who have been sent to deal directly with some of our Hopi, Navajo, and African sources. Also there has been a problem finding attaining artifacts from certain countries like Africa and South America. Some opportunities that have been presented are the increase in the company?s revenue sales accounts. Another opportunity would be with declining the contract they could just improve their product and branch out. The company?s major threats are the government regulation taking place in Africa and South America, and the low quality replicas being sold by unidentified slum dealers. ...read more.


In the world today, many companies thrive because of advertisement and other marketing tools. Identify Solution Fe?nix should decline the contract and just improve their business sector. The company also should just try to expand their brand into other department stores giving them an audience. Also the company has good trust with its customers so their work is recognized. Fe?nix should improve their marketing team so they can reach the audience on a global scale. Implementation Plan Fe?nix del Sur plan should be to try to become an more global company. With this advantage they could potentially generate a sufficient amount of revenue. After generating enough revenue Fe?nix should try to buy out some of its competition. This could potentially lead to another increase in revenue. In a maximum of 10 years Fenix del Sur should be the top artifact seller globally. The main motivation to attaining all of these goals is just to improve Fenix del Sur market. For example, give buyers a general explanation of why this product is the best. ...read more.

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