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Business Plan - EDGE is a video production company that aims to create self-promotional tools for budding athletes who want to set themselves apart from the competition

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´╗┐ENTREPRENEURSHIP WRITTEN EVENT EDGE: Athletic Film Production Skyline DECA Skyline High School 1122 228TH Avenue Southeast Sammamish, WA 98075 Brendan Long Ryan Abrahamsen January 2013 Table of Contents I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY II. INTRODUCTION III. ANALYSIS OF THE BUSINESS SITUATION A. Self-analysis B. Trading area analysis C. Market Segment analysis D. Analysis of potential locations IV. PLANNED OPERATION OF THE PROPOSED BUSINESS/ PRODUCT/ SERVICE A. Proposed organization B. Proposed product/service C. Proposed marketing strategies V. PLANNED FINANCING A. Projected income and expenses B. Proposed plan to meet capital needs VI. CONCLUSION VII. BIBLIOGRAPHY VIII. APPENDIX I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <Insert here> II. INTRODUCTION In today?s times of super competitive sports, athletes are all looking for an edge. Many athletes want to be noticed by major universities in order to earn a scholarship and many other athletes seek sponsorships. And even more simply want to see themselves doing what they love to do. Enter EDGE: Athletic Film Production. EDGE is a company that seeks to produce videos, edits, recruitment videos, and more for athletes looking for a professional way to market their skills. With EDGE, athletes can effectively show their talents in a high quality and attractive video format. EDGE also rents out high quality cameras at a low price so you can get premium footage of yourself doing what you love to do. EDGE is a video production company that aims to create self-promotional tools for budding athletes who want to set themselves apart from the competition by having a video that is produced with professional equipment and eye-catching editing. We will take advantage of this relatively undeveloped market in an area where there are many successful high school athletes and action sports enthusiasts. We can use professional looking angles that will make the videos look well done, but also work with our clients and encourage their input on the final product for maximum customer satisfaction. ...read more.


However, for most people, the footage they get on the camera and the footage they see on the advertisement are highly different, because they lack the video production skills, and software required to produce a video that looks comparable with that of the advertisement for the camera they saw on T.V. At EDGE we will set ourselves apart from the competition by having all of the resources necessary to make the cameras produce footage that is near as good if not better than that you might see in the commercial. We also have our expert insight on camera angles, and experience with shooting that sets our video production apart from the competition as it creates a final product that is cinematically professional, as opposed to the typical one or two views you get in most edits. Also, our camera rentals are designed to go after the spike in portable camera sales. We plan to work with GoPro, the biggest ?helmet camera? company, towards a partnership that would entail them providing cameras that we would promote through ski resorts in efforts to market the cameras to consumers in hopes of them becoming future customers of these cameras. This partnership benefits GoPro in that they mustn?t supply any workers towards the marketing, and at the small price of a few cameras, they can have massive amounts of publicity through offering rentals through EDGE and eventually through the ski resorts facilities specifically. Our company is sprouting up in a relatively undeveloped industry where we see immense potential for clientele, so we have the potential of becoming a household name among ski bums and high school athletes alike if we can get startup business and use word of mouth and social media to spread our business across Western Washington and the Pacific Northwest. C. Market Segment analysis EDGE?s target market is high school athletes and mostly male action sport athletes between the ages 14 and 28. ...read more.


The combination of filming and editing. Allow us to do all the work and have footage and editing that contribute to a finished product that is professional and esthetically pleasing 1. $60/hr of filming (sat-sun) + editing included 2. $45/hr of filming (mon-fri) + editing included 3. Full day of filming (sat-sun) (~6 hrs) + editing - $250 4. Full day of filming (mon-fri) (~6 hrs) + editing - $180 Rentals: We will rent out GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition cameras through the Summit at Snoqualmie, Crystal Mountain?s, and Steven?s Pass? rental services. We will be the middle man in the process, GoPro will supply us with the cameras in exchange for a 15% share of the profit, and they will also, in addition, receive great publicity as it will allow people to try the cameras which may convince them to go and buy them on their own. The mountain resorts will put GoPro cameras into stock, and have them available for rental, alongside the skis, boots, helmets, and poles that are already available for rental. In exchange for this, we will give them a 35% cut of the profits that they generate at their resorts, and they will allow us to set up advertising posters along the walls of the rental rooms in their main lodges. In addition to the cameras, we will also include various mounting accessories so that people can try out the different angles of the camera, and get the full use out of the camera. In order to give the people access to the footage that they had filmed on the day, we will require them to set up profiles on our website. From there, we will take the footage, and post it in the profiles of our customers, allowing them download access to their footage, and an opportunity to file all of their clips from the day, or series of days, in one simple area. Video Editing: We will take your own filmed raw footage and convert it to an appealing video that makes use of expensive and professional software, such as Sony Vegas 10 and Twixtor. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Business Studies section.

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