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The influence of a park in a CBD

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The influence of park in a CBD Author: Raffaela Pastore Meneguetti World Count:1395 School Number:00010 Candidate Number:00092-012 S�o Paulo - Brazil 2007 INDEX Introduction..............................................................p.3 Methods...................................................................p.5 Analyzes and Evaluation of Data .................................p.8 Conclusion ............................................................ p.12 References ............................................................. p.13 Appendix ... ...........................................................p.14 Introduction A central business district (CBD) is the commercial and often geographic heart of a city. The CBD has many characteristics1 like: * High proportion of city's offices; * Tallest building; * Main public buildings; * Concentration of traffic; * Great accessibility; * The ratio of shops to other properties is more than 1/3; * High concentration of pedestrians. Those aspects are presents in the center of S�o Paulo and they brought us a lot of uncomfortable feelings (a big concentration of pedestrians and traffic; high temperatures; pollution). An important phenomenon happening at the CBD is called as urban heat island (UHI). It is a metropolitan area which is significantly warmer than it is normally. Heat islands are specific areas, located mainly in the big cities that are hotter than their surrounding areas. The intensity of the heat island varies according to human activity, are many the factors that contribute to the formation of heat islands. They could be divided into two groups: The ones that contribute to rise the temperature, and the ones that destroy the factors that cool the environment, resulting in an indirect rise of the temperature. ...read more.


We started our work measuring the canopy. The canopy is the high of the surrounding buildings (in the park we took an average tree) and is also important to determinate the edification level surrounding the area (in the case of the park, the level of vegetation on it). After it our teacher past for us the atmospheric pressure. We received at class a chart12 with a lot of things that we have to observe, we started with the relative humidity, then we past to the temperature of the ground. We also have observed the clouds and their types13, checked the wind, their direction and power. With a handy-counted we counted the cars that are passing. The last thing that we counted was the thermo sensation.14 Based on my Research Question I will just analyze some of those characters that we have already seen. I believe that the relative humidity is an interesting aspect, because the humidity of the air can clean it, can do something, like purify it. Another aspect that I will catch for my analyzes is the opposite of the clean air, I will analyze the number of cars that have circulated at the CBD analyzed, they are a big reason for the pollution, and that interferes that the air blow, being, at this way, accumulated in just one place. ...read more.


And between 13:30 and 14:30, in "Parque da Luz" and "Esta��o da Luz", the reached a continuously temperature. In opposite of it, we had the "Esta��o J�lio Prestes" that is raising and regressing. Conclusion With all this data collected that I have analyzed, I am able to answer my Research Question: "To what extent is the "Parque da Luz" an influence on the urban heat island at the region?". The "Parque da Luz", like I have suggested in my hypothesis, don't make a big difference at the heat island at the region. The park was not big enough to supply the pollution of the cars, the temperature accumulated by the concrete, factories. If I can remade this Fieldwork I will try to discover why the temperature of the floor on the "Esta��o J�lio Prestes" and the "Esta��o da Luz" was so big. I think, also, that we should, at the next time, visit other CBD's and regions where the green area is a really important fact. To compare, analyze and have more data to distinguish them. At this way we could identify the real meaning of the green areas at the center. And, of course, our fieldwork was made without professional instruments. We did not have enough time to analyze all the aspects that we have. Normally this study longs 30 month, at least. We have done it in just 6 hours. Our data are not really reliable. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Geography section.

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