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A More Desirable School

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APDE Cristina Morataya Centro Escolar Campoalegre Key: 14 Diversificado 02/19/08 Essay IV BI English Score: A More Desirable School If you find a magic lamp and its genie asks you for three wishes to change Campoalegre, what will you choose? There are a lot of options, some are more necessary than others. Remember that Campoalegre is not perfect, like any other school it needs some changes. If the bus service, school uniform and cafeteria improve, students will feel more comfortable and therefore they will have more desires to study. The school should hire another bus company due to the many complains of the users. ...read more.


If all of these demands are satisfied, the students will arrive to school more eager to study. Women's schools usually have skirts as a part of their uniform, but students rebel by wearing them shorter or with other clothes that are not from the uniform. The school may reduce this risk by improving the blouse style, PE shorts, the skirt and the sweater. The style of the blouse should be more informal like polo shirts which are more comfortable and easier to iron. Campoalegre should allow students wear pants on colder seasons and assist to classes wearing them on PE days. The skirt is usually confused with other school uniforms; to solve this, the pattern could be changed. ...read more.


The cafeteria will need more personal in charge of cleaning and giving maintenance every week. Also it should offer more variety of food in a menu that includes healthy meals and cheaper prices. The basketball courts will not be necessary anymore so the school will be cleaner after recess and lunch. Therefore, students will enjoy more the cafeteria service and focus more on classes. In conclusion, students will have more eager to studying if Campoalegre improves the bus service, school uniform, and the cafeteria. Students will have better results on their classes because they will arrive to school with a better mood, more comfortable with their uniform, and well feed. This will benefit both the school and its students; as a result, the three wishes will be completed. ...read more.

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