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Attributes of a Successful IB Student

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´╗┐Attributes of an IB Student The IB Program is a very vigorous and fast-paced educational course of study. Though it is challenging, there are many benefits to this program that make it worthwhile, such as being more prepared for university and getting a well-rounded education. In order to be successful in the IB Program, a student must be hard-working, focused and possess excellent time management skills. To be a successful IB student, one must be hard-working in order to keep up with the program. This is because there is always going to be a lot of work, whether it be homework, projects, or tests. No matter how brilliant and intelligent a student may be, without working hard they will not survive in this difficult program. Additionally, a student must be hard-working because of the difficulty of the courses. In the IB Program, many of the grade 12 courses are at the university-level of learning. ...read more.


Keeping very focused is important to avoiding distractions. If one cannot concentrate on their priorities, then they should not be in the program. In addition, an IB student must be focused because the schoolwork they must complete will take a great deal of time to do. An IB student is unable to remain focused on school, they will be unable to stay in the program and will have to eventually drop out of the IB course of study. Furthermore, the amount of studying needed to be prepared for tests, quizzes, and other forms of examinations will be very time-consuming. A student would have to be incredibly focused in order to properly study, especially in a program of such great difficulty. Overall, being focused is crucial to being successful in the IB Program because of the amount of concentration and determination needed to succeed in a program like this. Finally, possessing excellent time-management skills is significant to being successful in the IB Program because of the importance of meeting deadlines, finishing assignments to the best of one?s ability and to completing CAS. ...read more.


In this program, there will be a lot of larger, long-term projects and assignments than in the regular stream of learning, which is why time management is so important. Additionally, any student in the IB Program who wishes to succeed in it must have excellent time management skills in order to complete CAS. CAS, which is the abbreviation for ?Creativity, Action, Service,? is something that all IB students are required to complete in order to attain an IB diploma. Even with excellent time management skills, it is very difficult to complete CAS, especially because 150 hours of this work is needed, on top of finishing all homework and projects. Therefore, without time management skills, it would be impossible to succeed in the IB Program. In conclusion, a potential IB student must be hard-working, focused, and manage time well in order to succeed in the IB Program. Though this course of study is difficult, it?s not impossible; it just requires a lot of hard-work and determination to get through it. Ultimately, from the IB Program, one will learn that with some hard work, focus, and proper management of time, anything is possible. ...read more.

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