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crow road

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English Commentary Name : Adwait Mane Class : IB - 11 Passage : "The Crow Road" by Iain Banks The setting is a chapel in the Scottish town of Gallanach where a funeral ceremony is being held in a crematorium during a cold winter. The adjective 'echoing' used for the chapel shapes a grand image of the chapel. Giving attention to minute details, the author also mentions that the chapel has a 'severe granite floor', further emphasizing its formidable nature. The funeral is of the author's grandmother. The author's family has gathered for the occasion. This includes the author's father, mother, younger brother, Aunt Antonia and Uncle Hamish. The author's father and mother were appropriately dressed for the occasion. ...read more.


The author is quite disinterested himself. It is evident that he did not have any real attachment towards his grandmother. His manner of dressing, and attitude in general suggests that he was a young adult. The author was dressed in a pair of jeans, Nike trainers and a black biker's jacket. In his highly descriptive style the author describes how he stood in front of the full-length mirror and smelt the cooking bacon and burned toast while getting dressed. During the ceremony, the Aunt Antonia draws the author's attention to his socks. Strangely enough, the author was wearing one white and one black sock. In an attempt to hide his obvious embarrassment, the author tries to pull his jeans over his ankles. ...read more.


Every item of the author's clothing is explicitly illustrated. The 'crystalline mist' obscures the author's view from his high room at his aunt's place. Also, in a wonderful use of simile, the author describes his mother's hat as a UFO. In addition to this, the author uses a number of other literary devices. Through this passage the author tries to bring out the unfeeling nature of the today's world. The fact that the author wore a pair of jeans and a biker's jacket to a solemn occasion such as a funeral shows that he did not have much respect for customs and traditions. Even Uncle Hamish was snoring during the funeral. All in all, the passage gives us the idea that old people are often neglected in the modern world. October 11, 2007 1 ...read more.

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