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The problem of internet addiction

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´╗┐YAN Peng (Shirley) GP: 3 second draft 27/05/2012 Title: Writing task 2-Internet addiction Internet addiction Internet is acting as a useful tool of searching data; nevertheless, it also brings about Internet addiction disorder (IAD). IAD means the excessive use of internet in daily life and is especially common in youths. According to The New York Times (2010), the average time that young people spend online increases from 6 hours to 7 hours and a half from 2005 to 2010. It apparently caused by the attraction and easy accessibility of internet as well as the imperfect self-control of juveniles. This situation appears to be significant in the use of social networking. Online Nursing Programs (2010) ...read more.


Scientists of American Headache Society?s (2010) indicated that people who often stay up in their youths are more likely to suffer from migraine and cardiovascular (CV) disease among others. The fundamental solution of this problem seems to be letting juniors realize the seriousness of IAD. Educational institutions should invite specialists to make presentations in school to analyse the negative effects of IAD and describe the importance of enough sleep. Moreover, parents could help their children make a suitable timetable, and define the time that teenagers are allowed to relax by using internet. To ensure this timetable is obeyed, young people could ask their friends and parents to monitor them. To a large extent, these solutions will encourage young people to reduce the time online and have an appropriate sleep pattern. ...read more.


It might be claimed that awareness campaign is easily to be implemented. However, it needs to be limited because of its high cost. Besides, setting psychological consultant departments in school, to a large extent, is facile and can discover troubles at the preliminary stage. Additionally, organizing group activities is likely to be a viable way of solving the psychological problem. To sum up, the most effective solution seems to be letting young people be aware of the damage of IAD together with providing proper guidance such as help them plan time reasonably. Furthermore, teachers should take the responsibility to educate social skills and parents are supposed to concentrate on teenagers? psychological condition. In the future, with appropriate use of internet, not only IAD will decrease, but also internet will act as a good assistant in their study and daily life. Word count: 570 page number: 2 http://sleepapneadisorder.info/tag/physical-neglect/ http://www.emarketer.com/blog/index.php/tag/number-of-te http://www.livestrong.com/article/90021-effects-teen-depression-performance/ens-online/ http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/20/education/20wired.html ...read more.

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