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Analyzing Uniform Circular Motion

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  • Essay length: 3764 words
  • Submitted: 10/03/2010
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International Baccalaureate Physics

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Lab Report: Analysing Uniform Circular Motion

Name: Adam


In places where the velocity of an object is difficult to find, it is reliable to attain the frequency of an object. This is the most-favourable method used when dealing with circular motion. Frequency, as we know, is indirectly proportional to the period of a motion, or more precisely. We can determine the relationship between a spinning objects mass, the radius of its circular motion (if attached to a thread) and the hanging mass in a circular horizontal motion by applying a formula we already know. The following steps will describe the derivation of a formula which will be beneficial for this experiment;

Newton's Second Law states: Fnet = msa

However; acceleration of a circular motion is given by;



Substituting back to Newton's second law, Fnet= ms (

But since there is a hanging mass which is hanging down from the thread; the tension in the thread is equal to the weight of the hanging mass. And the only force applied during the motion is by the tension in the thread, thus T = Fnet and

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