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Investigate a factor affecting the count rate measured from a radioactive source?

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Design To investigate a factor affecting the count rate measured from a radioactive source? Design Aspect 1: Defining the problem and selecting the variables: Independent Variable: Distance from the source, cm Dependent Variable: Activity, A Controlled Variables: Amount of materials used, Time in seconds and the temperature Research question: How can you control time for every three readings per distance? ...read more.


Collect results from 1-10 cm to fix the time interval as this gives us 10 data points and increases the reliability of the results. 3. We find count rate using this equation: 4. The values I will use to control will be the temperature and time. Firstly, I will control the temperature by conducted this experiment indoors at 25�C. ...read more.


I will repeat my readings three times with each distance to help me get accurate and reliable results. This will finally help me get to my average total for each distance. 7. I will control all other variables like the amount of materials used by using only three radioactive elements as this will help make my experiment fair and keeping the temperature constant by using a thermostat as this will keep the room at a constant temperature set at 25�C. ...read more.

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