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Dysfunctional behavior

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Compare the basic assumptions of two models or theories of dysfunctional behavior. [20 marks] Abnormality is the behavior or characteristic that is considered as abnormal but still allows an individual to function properly in society. Dysfunctional behavior, such as aggression, is the type of behaviors that does not allow an individual to function properly or normally in society. ...read more.


The behavioral model is based upon the behaviorist or learning theory approach. It believes that external or environmental factors are mainly responsible for psychological illness, so dysfunctional behavior just simply occurs when maladaptive responses have been learnt or adaptive responses have not been learnt. Therefore, only observable behavior disorder needs to be fixed. Both models of dysfunctional behavior use laboratory experiment to investigate the causes of dysfunctional behavior. ...read more.


On the other hand, both models ignore any mind processes and they do not acknowledge free will. They assumes that all dysfunctional behavior is determined physically, however, they cannot explain the reason why people experience conscious will over behavior and people are able react to events instantly when behavior could not be computed ahead of time. ...read more.

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