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investigating stress and illness

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Investigating Stress and Illness Lucas Gr�ger IB1 25-10-09 Psychology HL Being stressed is sometimes a good thing but it often has negative effects on the person that is under stress. For example if you are stressed you have an increased chance of becoming sick. In a study 394 healthy participants completed a questionnaire designed to measure their stress level. They listed the stressful events they had experienced over the last year, assessed their ability to cope with these events and noted how often they felt negative emotions such as hostility, anger and depression. On the basis of this information, each participant was given a 'psychological stress index ' from 3 (lowest stress) ...read more.


Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that if a person scores high on the stress survey they should score high on the illness survey as well. Therefore all the results will be in a steady pattern. Results of the surveys in tables and graphs: Stress survey Illness survey Median 15.5 1.5 Min 0 0 Max 48 7 Evaluation: The 6 people we asked to do the surveys returned various results. There is one result in particular that is questionable. One person that was asked to take the survey didn't seem to care too much and so made it as negative as possible. This therefore led the result of the stress survey to be ridiculously high. ...read more.


In my opinion this investigation was a failure. We as students do not have the knowledge needed to make reasonable survey questions that can work with survey questions made by professionals. Therefore it is no surprise that the results do not show what was hoped for. Another reason why the investigation failed is because the students that we asked to do the survey did not necessarily take it serious enough to care about the results that we receive. Although the investigation failed we know that stress can cause illness. Stress causes the body to be full of adrenaline therefore being impossible for the body to relax. This means that the body can't sleep and therefore the immune system gets weakened, making it more vulnerable to virus attacks or other diseases. ...read more.

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