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Cyrano de Bergerac Essay

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?Everything Has A Beauty, But Not Everyone Sees It:? People allow their self-proclaimed flaws to dictate how live their lives by limiting the choices they have because they always need to factor how their flaw will affect the outcome. Characters such as the protagonists from Edmund Rostand?s Cyrano de Bergerac to Alice Walker?s Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self allowed themselves to become insecure because of their self-proclaimed deformity and then they understand the fact that their physical flaw was a part of who they were and thus accepted it. Looking at the bigger picture, Cyrano de Bergerac lived with his colossal nose his whole life, in contrast to Alice Walker?s character who was shot in the eye with a copper pellet at the tender age of eight. Having dealt with something your whole life versus learning to deal with it at a vulnerable age makes all the difference pertaining to how you live your life. ...read more.


However, during one of the more intense scenes, Cyrano describes his nose to be a ?curse? and how no woman could ever love a man with a nose like his own. That would be the first time he had blatantly voiced his insecurities toward his most prominent feature. His irresoluteness toward his nose is ironic considering that Roxane would have loved him regardless since she had fallen in love with his eloquence. When Cyrano discovered that Roxane would love him despite of his appearance, he still did not proclaim his love for her. Not too long before the 17th century an unspoken etiquette was followed where for someone to discover love, all they needed to do was find the most beautiful person and win their heart. Entering the 17th century, French women want to be wooed off their feet by a man who can express his deepest desire through eloquent poetry. Unfortunately, Cyrano did not partake in the notion of loving someone for who possibly because he still harbored his insecurity toward his appearance. ...read more.


Except, this is not her true defining moment. Her defining moment arrives when she is putting her own child to sleep while pondering how her child will react to her eye. It is when her child shows interest and curiosity instead of embarrassment or shame that she completely accepts herself and all her flaws, thus being released from the chokehold that the scar tissue had been holding. ?Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it,? words made famous by the message that they send, you are only as beautiful as you think you are. People are constantly reevaluating themselves on trivial matters such as getting glasses or hating what you were born with. This was made apparent through Edmund Rostand?s main character in Cyrano de Bergerac and Alice Walker?s main character in Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self who had learned to love themselves before expecting anyone else to. ...read more.

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