How does Rostand shape our expectation of Cyrano before his appearance?

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How does Rostand shape our expectation on Cyrano before his appearance?  The first time is name is mentioned is on page 13: Ragenau enters and is the first to mention Cyrano. The stage direction says “rushing up” to Lignière this means that he is in panic, desperate or excited. The question he asks to Lignière : “…  Has Cyrano been here?” is basically anticipating that something will happen.Moreover Ragenau is “the patron of the arts”- even if he isn’t very high on the social ladder he loves poetry and will do anything to get in hold of it. By this we can denote that even Cyrano, being his friend, loves poetry too which we later discover is a major strand of CyranoIn the next page: page 14 again Ragenau says “looking about him” “But where is Cyrano?
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He should be here?”. Here Rostand very explicitly is shaping our expectation on Cyrano before his appearance by making his friend, Ragenau worry about Cyrano’s action. When Lignière asks why and he explains that Cyrano has banned Montfleury however Montefleury’s the main actor of the play “La Clorise” Lignière answers with a simple “Ah”, like a sigh of desperation or like a sign of apprehension: he too understands Ragenau’s preoccupation. By this we denote that Cyrano will cause trouble thus we assume that Cyrano is a “powerful, forceful conflictuous but dynamic” person.In the next page when the Marquis asks who ...

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