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Paper 1 Poetry Example

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IB English 12 Patriotism Patriotism is something that all citizens of a nation have or lack. Some say that patriotism is poetic in its own essence and it would only make sense for poets to write about this subject. E. E. Cummings inscribed his views of patriotism in a poem. At first glance the poem can be seen as chaotic and confusing. It can be inferred that E. E. Cummings wrote his poem in a particular way in order for his views of patriotism to come to light. His style, tone and diction provide supporting evidence as to what his stance on patriotism is. ...read more.


Cummings writes about that why talk of beauty and then transitions without a pause about these heroic people who rush to die. These heroic people can be seen as soldiers and they rush into a war without thinking, all for the glory that war is "suppose" to bring. The way he uses these elements in the poem all lead up to the tone. The tone of this poem seems sort of detached and almost sarcastic in a way. The way Cummings uses words and phrases such as "...and so forth..." and how he just goes on and on about certain thoughts. He combines simple words such as deaf and dumb to form deafanddumb and it can almost be heard as a sarcastic tone. ...read more.


The military usually involves such schemes to recruit young men for their country for war and Cummings has clearly pointed out his view on this matter. Patriotism can be defined as the love for one's country or the devotion to one's country. Patriotism has been seen to have a poetic nature to it, and often people express their love for their country through various ways. E. E. Cummings in his poem has made clear what his view on patriotism is. It can be assumed that Cummings dislikes the concept of patriotism due to the evidence in his poem. The way Cummings uses his own style, as well as tone and diction all help to create a flow for his poem that will share his view. ...read more.

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