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Reflective Statement: Zorba The Greek

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12-10-28 Zorba The Greek: Reflective Statement Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis is a novel that offers much insight into the culture of mid-20th century Crete where the novel was set. Along with the culture of this era, this novel demonstrated many of the philosophical beliefs of different portions of the populations of Cretans at this time. Through the interactive oral presentation, understanding of the context and culture as well as the literary value of the novel has been enhanced considerably. ...read more.


They were thought to be incapable of intelligent thought and were therefore believed to act only out of passion oppose to actual thought. Since the men believed this, women were oppressed by society, and by their husbands. Women did not have nearly the same number of rights as men and could often only receive jobs as servants. The second point discussed was the disputes between the existentialism and religious beliefs. The majority of men being religious thought that the true importance of life would be to live honestly by the religious code presented to them and to have ambitions and goals in live. ...read more.


For example: religions? unsuccessful attempt to find a reason for everything in the universe; as well as religions? inability to truly make people happy with their ambitions and their following of god. The existentialists, by living in the moment, without goals, did what made them happy oppose to what their religion told them was ?right.? Through the discussion of these two topics: the treatment of women and the disputes between existentialism and religion, the presenters of the interactive oral were successfully able to enhance my contextual understanding of the novel as well as enrich my knowledge of the Cretan culture of the 20th century in relation to the novel. Word Count: 392 ...read more.

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