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Like A Virgin Our Performing Arts Project We are going to produce an amateur production of Gordon Steels Like a Virgin.

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Like A Virgin ? Our Performing Arts Project We are going to produce an amateur production of Gordon Steel?s ?Like a Virgin?. The play is set in the eighties and features two 16 year old girl's Angela and Maxine. Their biggest concerns in life are boys, Madonna and becoming famous, until Angela receives the news that she has Leukaemia which changes both of their lives. It is set to the music of Madonna, and although the story line seems hard hitting the overall feel of the play is light hearted and fun. We will hire the Cock Pit theatre on Gateforth Street, Westminster London. It has a good track record with ticket sales for amateur productions and is a diverse and interchangeable theatre. It is also a reasonable price that works well with our budget. It is at the lower end of a midscale theatre holding one hundred and twenty people, based on the research we have done, we feel this is a reasonable and achievable audience number. We aimed to have four performances; one on Thursday and Friday and two on Saturday. The dates of our production are the 24th, 25th and 26th of May which ties in with a bank holiday weekend. ...read more.


We have allowed for fifty pounds travel expenses per actor and we will provide accommodation for them at our student halls of residence. We are going to provide our own stage management and lighting designer. The theatre comes with a fully functioning lighting desk which is included in the price. We will assemble the majority set ourselves as it is very simple the theatre provides one technician for four hours a day, included in the price so they will run the tech rehearsals and help with any heavy duty set. Like A Virgin - Evaluation We feel that the production we have chosen will work well and we will make a profit. We choose the play as it is fun and has a large demographic, women who grew up in the eighties will want to come for the nostalgia and they will want to bring their children who will also want to come as the eighties fashion and style is coming back into trend. One of the weaknesses that we found was that although we did have a large demographic we felt it could be seen to exclude men as the main characters are women and it has a somewhat feminine plot line. ...read more.


Choosing a play with an eighties theme meant that sourcing costumes was relatively easy as the eighties trend is currently back in fashion. However it also meant that eighties fashion is more desirable and so more expensive. We also told everyone that we bought the furniture and costumes from that once the play has finished we will sell the items and give the proceeds to the Teenage Cancer Trust, this encouraged people to give us further discounts. Nevertheless this good deed will leave us out of pocket for the set however we will make enough money from ticket sales to allow for this and we may encourage ticket sales if people see that we are supporting the charity. We felt that choosing to have the performance on a bank holiday weekend would mean that people will have a long weekend off and will be looking for things to do to fill their time. However realistically it means that a lot of people will be going away for the weekend which may cut our potential audience figures down. If we were to reschedule the performance perhaps during summer would be better although then we would have been faced with similar issues. ...read more.

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