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Cadbury Corporate Social Responsibility. This essay examine the performance of Cadbury and how they dealing the problems with raw materials as well as the effect on the environment and stakeholders.

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Corporate environmental responsibility: The performance of Cadbury Nowadays, more people tend to focus on environment issues of corporation because they are the main factors of causing pollution to the earth and impact to the ecological system. Cadbury is the world fourth biggest manufactory of chocolate, it had done a seriously rainforest destruction as a result of their business requiring large amount of raw materials that are collect from natural resources (Cadbury's Shareholders Find Palm Oil Leaves a Bitter Taste 2004).This essay examine the performance of Cadbury and how they dealing the problems with raw materials as well as the effect on the environment and stakeholders. Cadbury used to be a small beverage shop in 1824, after merging with Schweppes to form Cadbury Schweppes, it acquire more companies after that and today it became one of the largest confectionery company ( history of Cadbury n.d.) and also one of the largest multi-national corporation (business service industry 2008). The starting main purpose of Cadbury is not creating new brand that people love but is to raise the shareholder value and they already succeed in achieving this purpose twenty years ago (Cadbury Schweppes 2004). After that they have just started to change their business target to create new brand that people love. Cadbury detected that there is a rare bacteria named "Salmonella" affecting numbers of their product and it is believe due to the leaking pipe, but they are not paying attention to this serious matter. ...read more.


One of the serious problem that environment faced is the global warming and it is caused by the widen hole of atmosphere. According to the scientific research, every single litre of milk produce approximately 900g of Carbon dioxide.Carbon trust is having a carbon footprinting project and discovered that more than 60% of the Carbon dioxide is produced by the Cadbury's dairy cows farm(We've had drumming gorillas, now Cadbury takes on burping cows 2009). Cadbury's dairy cows farm play the most important role in this incident as the cows produced 80~120kg of methane per year which is similar as a family car and was release to the atmosphere that eventually widen the hole of atmosphere. This methane emission is actually produced with the burps of the cows due to the incorrect diet. (Cadbury to curb methane emissions from burping dairy cows 2009)They did not pay attention for their animals as raising animals required a lot of effort by adjusting the stay and diet of the animals. Cadbury's intension overcome environment issues Cadbury's plan to replace cocoa butter with palm oil has caused a serious damage to environment and also a lot of complain by consumers as palm oil is a complex and unhealthy ingredient. In order to fulfils their Environment, Health and safety policy they have no choice but to cut down adding palm oil into chocolate. ...read more.


Their research focus on the quality of cocoa and try to invent a better way for farming cocoa bean in Ghana with increasing number of farmers in order to get the best production(Cadbury n.d.).Cadbury not only provided financial support but also get itself involved in this research to show their intension upon improving environment issue. Concluding remarks Cadbury's social improvement is obviously, although they did wrong sometime because they have placed profit as the most important role in business .From New Zealand's Auckland Zoo case, it has reflected Cadbury only concentrate on their profit but neglect the most importance issues which is how society will treat them and this has caused Cadbury's reputation to drop. Besides, even they have discovered that a rare bacteria is affecting their products, they did not pay attention to the serious matter which is possible to become a threat to health. As a result, they neglect the importance of environmental issues and caused serious damage to environment such as deforestation and also confronting the social protest. However, Cadbury's intension on improving the environment aspect of their business is strong and with wised planning, they have been doing this for almost a century. With the "Purple goes green strategy" and the reduction of carbon dioxide emission, water usage and packaging materials usage, they have shown their dedication on improving environment issues, trusting that achieving the environment, health and safety policy are the keys to the succeeds of business, not only just becoming a profit-oriented company but also become a environmentalist company. ...read more.

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