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Classic Airlines Marketing Solution

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´╗┐CLASSIC AIRLINES MARKETING SOLUTION Classic Airlines Marketing Solution Gabrielle Cavani University of Phoenix Marketing MKT/571 Dr. Malone April 01, 2012 ________________ Classic Airlines Marketing Solution Classic Airlines is considered the 5th largest airline in the country commanding a fleet of more than 375 jets that serve over 240 countries with 2300 daily flights coming in and out. In the 25 years Classic Airlines has been in business, it now employs over 32,000 employees and has earned $10 million on $8.7 billion in sales. (University of Phoenix, 2007) Ever since September 11th 2001 and the fall of the economy, airlines have seen a major decrease in sales and flying activity. As time has progressed it has picked up a bit but the cost of fuel and labor costs have been on the rise which has been difficult for some airlines, one such being Classic Airlines. Classic Airlines has always been one of the top airlines known for their exceptional customer service and frequent flier program. However, since the rise of fuel and labor costs, the board of directors has mandated a 15% cost reduction over the next 18 months. This cut is strictly meant for having the funds to keep up with the fuel costs as well as labor costs and cutting down some of the funds for any other programs or activities being run by Classic. ...read more.


So, even though working with this highly reputable airline could really help make things better for Classic, consumer and financial wise, they would be giving up their right to solely make decisions on what is best not only for their consumers but for their company as well. Problem Definition By recreating customer satisfaction, Classic will be able to continue its success in the airline industry and bring forward more profits for their shareholders. This will also help with bringing back the loyalty of their customers as well as possibly gaining new ones. ?End-State? Vision In order to regain their customers trust and loyalty, Classic will have to take advantage of their Customer Relationship Management System they have in place. This should help Classic be able to bring back their past customers as well as gain some new ones. If the system is used correctly, this should also work within the budget they have been given and the shareholders should once again start seeing the ROI. Classic?s employees would have to be motivated as well to bring forth the best customer service attitudes they have in order to keep Classic?s customers happy. Identifying/Assessing the Alternative Solutions The goal right now for Classic is to gain back their customer?s ?Total Customer Satisfaction? through the services they have to offer. ...read more.


Shareholders should remain happy, Investors should start trusting in the company again, a major improvement in employee satisfaction should be seen, the board of directors will still keep within their budgets and most importantly the customers will start to trust and come back to the company they always held a high belief in but just had few hesitations in due to the economy and lack of customer service. Conclusion Classic has a lot going for them. Even though they may be facing budget cuts and have Executives that don?t truly believe in the power of customer service, they still are one of the best airlines in the country. With the strong team of marketers, customer relationship reps and employees, Classic still has a strong chance of being able to live back up to their reputation of being one of the best customer service organizations in the country. Budget cuts affect all types of businesses and Classic Airlines is no exception. A strong team of dedicated employees and management is all it takes to take a once thriving organization and bring it back to life. The team at Classic Airlines is doing just that. They may be facing problems, but they stand by their strong customer service motto. As long as they continue to live up to that motto, Classic Airlines will be seen and heard about for many years to come. ...read more.

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