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Company Background - Elken.

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COMPANY BACKGROUND ELKEN is a well-known direct-selling company in Malaysia and other countries. The name ELKEN is synonymous with innovation, quality and aspiration, with its vision "Contributing to the progress of mankind through opportunities and knowledge empowerment, thereby enriching lives." ELKEN's vision of a better tomorrow is driven by the aspiration of their distributors and the trust of millions of consumers around the world who use their products every day. They share their dream to live a fuller life. While sharing the rewards of ELKEN's innovative technological advances in health and beauty care, they also provide a rewarding global business opportunity for those who dare to follow their dreams. Since 1995, ELKEN has been helping millions of people realize their dreams. It has established a network that spans the international arena and they manage their operations professionally in strict accordance with the world-class ISO: 9002 certification. The extensive ELKEN network represents a mutually beneficial partnership of more than 300,000 enthusiastic independent distributors in 7 countries, with more partners joining them every day. Significantly, the amazing ELKEN marketing plan enables a distributor to accrue wealth and health faster than any other. As ELKEN move forward together with its distributors into the rough uncharted seas of the 21st century, ELKEN's vision is still firmly grounded in its belief that every person can take control of his or her life if he or she is given the right knowledge and opportunity. And such freedom comes from true mental and spiritual growth. At ELKEN, they believe in knowledge empowerment. Success in the ELKEN business requires the development of skills, and continuous self-improvement and commitment. In the mature market that they operate, more than 2,000 ISO-registered skill enhancement training sessions and events are conducted every year to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit and full potential in its distributors, who come from diverse strata of society. Access to ELKEN training is limited only by the desire to grow. ...read more.


Water Purification System to orphanages and children's homes in and around Kuala Lumpur in 2002. The beneficiaries were Malaysia Care, Good Samaritan, Compassion Home, Charis Home, Damai Hostel, Pure Life and Sunbeams Home. A substantial quantity of Win IG6 Colostrum and Bio Pure R.O. Water Purification System worth more than RM503,000.00 were also donated to the Disabled Industrial Training and Rehabilitation Centre in Kuala Lumpur in 2002. ELKEN R&D (RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT) ELKEN's success and international reputation can be attributed to its world-acclaimed products that reflect the time, effort and financial resources ELKEN has invested in developing them. Further, ELKEN is constantly upgrading and expanding its range of products with the aim of continually improving the lives of consumers. So committed is ELKEN to product quality that it took a bold step in 1998 to establish Narisia Sdn. Bhd. to manufacture its own Reverse Osmosis technology water treatment system to assure the desired standard of quality. Its system, the Bio Pure R.O. Water Purification System, is a Malaysian initiative using component parts produced by the world's leading manufacturers - a strategic, synergistic move that has proven to work successfully in the quest for the best quality pure water. They added another feather to their cap in 2001 with the establishment of their own manufacturing plant, Elepac Sdn Bhd, which compliance to the well-recognised Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard have been granted a manufacturing license by the National Pharmaceutical Council Bureau (BPFK) to be a Traditional Medicines and Over The Counter (OTC) manufacturing site. Year 2002 marks remarkable milestones as they officially became a member of the American Nutraceutical Association (ANA), received HALAL Certification by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), and were awarded the ISO9001:2000 Certification by TUV-Pfalz Certification Body. Through their commitment to continual excellence through compliance to international standards, they aim to share the same values and objectives with their members, to whom proven efficacy and safety of health food and dietary supplements are of the highest priority. ...read more.


However, the current business and IS/IT strategies faced some failure too. Many customers provide some similar feedbacks especially about the Elken's products prices. Majority of the customers claim that the company's products prices are quite high. Even though Elken's products quality is very good but many of the price sensitive customers are not willing to spend too much especially on the daily use products such as the shampoo, tooth brush and others. Therefore, Elken should implement a better marketing strategy in order to lower the prices of the products without decreasing its quality. Besides that, the current customers' databases and the ROSMS are not integrated from one branch to another. This brings many problems and drawbacks to the company and its staff, whereby, it results in inconveniency and ineffectiveness of customers' record tracking, updating, retrieving and others. This will direct affect especially the Narisia Sales and Service Centre since it need to keep track of all the customers who had brought the Reverse Osmosis water purification from Elken. Currently, the centre needs to call all the branches and stockists from other states in Malaysia to collect back the customers' water purification warranty cards in order to record the customers' particulars. This IS strategy is cumbersome. It is better for Elken to implement an integrated computerized system so that every branch can easily enter the customer's record from their own branch and allows other branches to access the records conveniently. Other than that, the Elken online and SMS strategies only provide effective and conveniences for the distributors but not to all the customers. Since Elken only establish one retail shop (EK One), the customers from other places or states cannot really personally approach to the shop and make purchasing. The customers can only purchase the products through their distributors. This is also one of the failure Elken faced in its IS/IT strategies. Hence, Elken should upgrade its online system to allow online purchasing or request for services and make purchase of Elken's products via SMS. This will help Elken to reach and attract most customers all over the world. ...read more.

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