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ELIT ELECTRONICS (Georgia) - Group Project in Management

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Group Project in Management Members of Group #5: * Ana Gelashvili * Eka Memanishvili * Ilia Imerlishvili * Zaal Rostiashvili * Zviad Kapianidze Table of Contents * Executive Summary: * Overview of the company: * Mission * Objectives * Competitive advantages * Background History of the Company: * S.W.O.T. Analysis: * Strengths * Weaknesses * Opportunities * Threats * Strategy: * Organization's Strategy * Product * Services * Organization Chart * Staffing Plan * Physical Layout * Geographic location * Equipment * Description of the leadership * Management style and philosophy * Distribution of responsibility and authority * Financial Plan * Appendices * Bibliography Executive Summary Our presentation is about a company which is one of the leading organizations in Georgian market which is named Elit Electronics. This company is the distributor of home appliances and digital technologies in Georgia. It is official and exclusive distributor of the following firms' products: "SIEMENS", "BOSCH", "GAGENAU", "gorenje", "TEFAL", "MOULINEX", "ROWENTA", "FAGOR", "SAMSUNG", "VESTEL", "PHILIPS" and others. Nowadays the company has about 29 Elit Elitronics and 56 dealer shops in every region of Georgia and plans to increase these numbers in near future. Every organization in world has its own purpose, named mission. Elit Electronics has two main missions: * To provide its customers with trustworthy, high level and contemporary home appliances and other digital technologies. * To satisfy its customers' diverse needs Elit Electronics has a lot of objectives, which it plans to implement in near future. Now we will list main from them: market share growth, improvement of distribution, increase in profits, increase its turnover over 130%, get new business partners. ...read more.


In Elit Electronics is used Functional departmentalization, which means, that jobs are grouped by functions performed. There are six departments in organization: Under the subordination of chiefs of these departments there are approximately ten middle managers, which are responsible for business level strategy. With this function they decide how an organization should compete in each strategic business unit. In the case of elite electroniks, they have chosen Low-cost provider strategy, but as they have very broad range of products and market segments expanded geographically, they even don't leave a chance for already existing companies Or potential entrants to compete by differentiation or focus/niche strategy. And there are nearly forty five first line managers in elite electronics which manage the work of non-managerial employees. About contemporary organizational structure we can conclude, that there are matrix and project structures in organization, because Specialists for different functional departments are assigned to work on projects led by several managers, (their decisions and activities often need to be confirmed by their chiefs) and this violates the idea of unity of command, which says that a person should have one boss and should report only to that person. In my mind this may weaken flexibility. And at least, about communications between the members of organization structure, we discovered that there is All-Channel Network which means, that Communications flow freely among all members of the work team. This causes high member satisfaction but less accuracy when comparing to chain and wheel networks and it may prevent to appear strong, identifiable leader in organization. ...read more.


According to this data we can estimate the sales growth rate, which are following: Year Sales (USD, Mil) Estimation Growth Rate (%) 2003 8.42 - - 2004 13.2 (13.2-8.42)/8.42 56.77% 2005 22.94 (22.94-13.2)/13.2 73.79% 2006 60 (60-22.94)/22.94 161.55% Elit Electronics's total expenses include wages, rent expenses, taxes and other expenses. Expenses of the company in 2003 were 8.33, in 2004 - 13.1, in 2005 - 22.33 and in 2006 - 55.5 million dollars. According to this information we may estimate profits of Elit Electroniks in 2003 - 2006 years. Years Sales (Mill, USD) Expenses (Mill, USD) Calculation Profit (Mill, USD) 2003 8.42 8.33 8.42-8.33 0.09 2004 13.20 13,1 13.20-13.1 0.1 2005 22.94 22.33 22.94-22.33 0.61 2006 60 55.5 60-55.5 4.5 We may see profit grows in following chart: Appendices So a as we stated Elit Electronics management we may say that it is a one of the best company in Georgia. This company have done thing that needs very careful management. In 11 years company with 3 members at the beginning become the leader in its industry. Elit Electronics gets some rewards during his existence. These are: ELIT ELECTRONICS has been certified by German company TUV SUD with ISO 9001-2000 certificate. I n 2006 by the Financial & Global Idea Elit Electronics become the owner of Gold Brand prize. ELIT ELECTRONICS has proved its leader position on the consumers' market of Georgia and has succeeded in the nomination " THE LEADER". Reputation of ELIT ELECTRONICS has met approval with well-known agencies and has won the nomination "REPUTATION AND RELIANCE". So Elit Electronics is really successful company in Georgian market. ...read more.

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