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Head hunting. The growth of the executive search industry

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´╗┐Name: YIRAN ZHU( Veronica ) Tutor: Amos Clarkson Word count: 2067 Course: PS 10b Group: 5 ________________ Contents 1. Introduction ????????????????????..???? 3 2. The definition of head-hunters ?????????????????..3 3. The origin of head-hunters ???????????????????4 4. The process of the head-hunting business ?????????????.5 5. Comparison ????????????????????????...6 6. The growth of the executive search industry ???????????....7 6.1 The influence on the economic domain ????????????..7 6.2 The influence on education ?????????????????.8 6.3 The influence on the political field ?????????????...8 7. Conclusion ??...??????????????.?????.....?..9 1. Introduction In employment marketing circles, each corporation intends to look for the best qualified workers. How can this be achieved? Corporations are always on the lookout for the most efficient, effective way to find the best employees. In today?s fast paced world, a head-hunter service distinguishes itself by directly approaching potential candidates for specific corporate clients. This relatively aggressive method of recruitment works in the opposite way to an employment agency. According to a survey conducted by e-financial careers, ?head-hunters are vigorously approaching Wall Street executives. More than half of the 1,422 people surveyed said between 1 and 5 head-hunters had contacted them since the beginning of 2011? (Rodier, 2011). ...read more.


Then, a ?short list? of selected candidates will be created. At the end, the final decision will be made by the client company on the basis of the comprehensive understanding of each candidate?s short and long-term needs, objectives and requirements. However, the influence of head-hunters on the final stage cannot be ignored. The major duties of head-hunters at this stage are counselling in the negotiation, selecting candidates, hiring and incorporating. More importantly, there are still large quantities of ?after-sales? services for head-hunters to do. Follow- up of the results in each of these three stages to confirm the executive search services have been completed and to ensure adaptation of the new hire in the company. Specifically, in order to take full advantage of increasingly wide human resources, building long term connections with both hired candidates and potential applicants is also necessary. Besides, it requires evaluating client satisfaction with the search process as well. Thus, this crucial feedback allows head-hunters to make more efficient and profitable judgements in the future. 5. Comparison Furthermore, the executive search industry differs from other systems of recruitment because of its application of direct search methods. ...read more.


Currently, head-hunters are in high demand for a wide range of situations where recruitment is needed, such as sudden resignations of senior managerial posts from major corporations, the peak in ?job-hopping? around the beginning of every year, or even competition between overseas returnees. Meanwhile, there has been a rapid emergence of phrases like ?career planning? and ?job-hopping? in modern society. As it is, the profession of head-hunting seems to be considered as a relatively crucial role in the consulting domain instead of being treated as stealing from competitors as it had been viewed in the past. Nowadays, for client corporations, a wide range of services that the executive search industry offers guarantee more professionals are available in the market for hiring. To be specific, the capabilities developed by head-hunters can be applied to similar fields as well, such as on-boarding programs, consulting, career planning, and internal candidate evaluations, all of which brings added value that clients need. Overall, the services of a good head-hunter are an ideal way for a company to find the perfect person for a given position. Their services provide more direct, personalized and highly qualified management through the candidate recruitment process. It cannot simply be substituted by advances in new technology. ...read more.

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