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LONDON SOUTH BANK UNIVERSITY INTERIM REPORT ON RESEARCH PROPOSAL TASK D Chlo� VALLEAU 2932551 This report shows my research proposal on South Korea management and how the research will be drive to succeed in this unit. A report in which will be presented the background to the study, the research problems, the aims and objectives and will finish with an outline about literature review and methodology. Contents 1. Background to the study 2 2. Research problems 4 3. Aims and objectives of the study 5 4. Outline theoretical framework, literature review 5 5. Outline of proposed methodology 6 6. References 9 The Starting Point for this dissertation is a book: Ida au pays du matin calme (translate in English by Ida in the Land of the Morning Calm) by Ida Daussy (2006) . Ida Daussy is the most famous Frenchwomen in South Korea; she is already very famous on Korean TV and her book painting the South Korea in which she live for fourteen years. Daussy paints a loving, humorous portrait of her adopted home, her bright personality coming through vividly. Explaining why she ended up in Korea of all Asian countries, she starts with a Korean idiom that means roughly, "When you are young, difficulties are worth enduring." ...read more.


The survey found that Koreans, meanwhile, were less popular in the United States, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Furthermore because of the distance between the Korea and England and a financial investment reduced it will be difficult to directly go to the source in South Korea. The primary researches are complicated. However, all means possible will be put in place to meet as much as possible persons representing the South Korean Management or Korea community. As a non -Korean speaker the data which can be collected are limited to be in English, in French or Spanish as a last resort and it is not easy to found data about the main subject, a big part of the data collected until here are from the library online or outline and it is necessary to vary the source. Most of the data collected in the library are pretty old data. But this research have a subject, off the beaten track so it is more than interesting to collect data and find new. 3. Aims and objectives of the study The main subject is the Management in South Korea, this research's main objectives is to better understand this notion of Korean Management Style. ...read more.


So the analysis will be based on a comparative approach between theories and reality. The research timetable, this entire research will be completed before the Monday 9th May 2011. At first, it seems like a very short period time passing it is completely true that to complete this study the work will be intense, but it is totally interesting and a subject off the beaten track which can be very memorable for some people. Research timetable TASK Start date Develop questionnaire January 2011 Pilot test and revise questionnaire January 2011 Administer questionnaire January 2011 Analyse data January 2011 Draft finding chapter February 2011 Update literature review February 2011 Complete chapters March 2011 Submit to supervisor April 2011 Revise draft April 2011 Print May 2011 Submit May 2011 For conclude it is important to highlight the importance of a research proposal, having a clear plan show the priority and a view of the future. This report is precious in order to understand the work which is waiting for the next days and months. Although this research timetable is perhaps lacking in detail, the study objectives have been set up and the methods to achieve them thought. In many aspects, some elements of this proposal will be changed, deepened, assess more or less relevant. Words 2087 6. ...read more.

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