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Investigating different types of holidays to different long haul destinations

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Task 2 long haul destinations: Investigating different types of holidays to different long haul destinations Introduction In this assignment, I am going to write a report about long haul destination. I have chosen five different long haul destinations around the world each in different continent. Each of my destinations has different holiday type such as city, coastal or seaside, purpose- built, natural and historical or cultural. I also mansion the travel factors which are very important when planning a trip. Method of Working To complete the work with useful information I will need to use alts, brochures, and Internet that will help me do my assignment My sources of information: * Atlas- The Times Atlas of the World * Visit to world Travel market survey * Brochures- Thomas Cook Signature. America Cosmos Tourama * Text books- BTEC Travel and Tourism * Internet Long Haul is a journey over the long distance, the long Haul journey take more than five hours. Traveling from London to China is a long haul destination. Holiday 1 Type of destination- City Name of destination- New York Continent- North America Type of holiday product- Short Break Customers- Young people Date of travel- 3/10-7/10 Destination type-This type of holiday is a city. I think this type of holiday will be most suitable for young people as city provide a huge number of attractions. New York is very interesting and elastic place, young people will be able to enjoy unlimited sightseeing, explore a different culture, see how people live and make shopping, as most of the things (e.g. cloths) are cheaper in America. New York is a city which never sleep, young persons will find there, different types of clubs and pubs. Young people are full of energy, in short time they are able to visit lot of nice places. They will have fun while visiting Manhattan Island this include the Statue of Liberty after that they can walk to the Chinatown and Soho and have lunch. ...read more.


Motivation I think climate will motivate the customers to spend their honeymoon in Kenya because the weather is generally warm all year round, with plenty of sunshine and cooler nights and mornings. Visitors can enjoy activities on the beaches and in the National Parks. Other motivation is the safari and wildlife where people can see the different types of animals. Holiday 3 Type of destination- Historical/ Business Name of destination- Beijing Continent- Asia Type of holiday product- all-inclusive Customers- Business Person Date of travel- 20/04- 25/04 Destination Type- this is historical destination for businessperson. I choose Beijing as it has very long and interesting history which may be enjoyable for business person. During the business conducting the customer can experience the history in the capital city of China. I choose a businessman because Beijing is a very interesting and beautiful city with long history but Beijing has also become the perfect destination for conducting business ventures and the city has a number of welcoming and comforting resources for the business traveler including accommodations or transport. Beijing is easily accessible form London, by air, and it also provide very excellent rail network and convenient transfers from airport to the hotel. Because the city is a good destination for conducting business with excellence transport links thousands of business travelers conduct business in Beijing each year. As I mention before the best access to Beijing from London is by air. There are different airlines companies, which fly to Beijing from London such as British Airways fly directly from London Heathrow to Beijing Capital International Airport, which is located just 17 miles away from the city centre. Other airlines such as Emirates flies from London Heathrow via Dubai and KLM flies via Amsterdam to the capital city of China. Journey from the airport to the Beijing's center city take less than an hour. To get around the city travelers can use taxies underground and buses. ...read more.


The are number of airlines companies providing directly flight from London Heathrow to Orlando International Airport which is located 9 miles away from the city centre. The flight time is around 9 hours. Traveling from London to Orlando can be very tiring as the journey is long. I will recommend for family to flight in afternoon e.g. 2 p.m. so they will get there around 6 p.m. and as soon they will get to the hotel they will be able to relax. Travelers from London can access Orlando by air, flying with British Airways, Virgin Atlantic or Thomson flights. Travel Factors Climate Florida has a semi-tropical climate. Summers are hot sometimes the temperatures can be uncomfortably hot though. Summer is also hurricane season from June to November. The average temperature in summer between June and August is 33 degrees Celsius. Winter is dry and warm, the average temperature between December and February is 22 degrees Celsius. The best time do visit Orlando for family will be March as the weather is enjoyable. Time Zone The time difference is five hours behind the Greenwich Mean Time. For example in London is 1 pm, in Orlando will be 8pm. The time zone should not affect people traveling to Barbados from London as it is the different is not very big, but they may have problems with sleeping. Documents Requirement British passport holders require a valid passport for travel to Florida. Most British citizens do not require a visa for holiday or business purpose but they can stay not longer than 90 days and also travelers need to have return ticket. Health There is no specific health risks associated with travel within the USA but visitors coming to Orlando should make sure they are up to date with all routine vaccinations including seasonal influenza vaccine. FLIGHT Outbound - Saturday 13 Mar, 2010 11:40 13 Mar 16:25 13 Mar Gatwick (London) Orlando BA2037 British Airways World Traveller Inbound - Friday 19 Mar, 2010 19:35 19 Mar 07:35 20 Mar Orlando Gatwick (London) BA2036 British Airways World Traveller Price £ 1,717.60 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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