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Kudler Foods Management Overview. We study how Porters five forces apply in the case of Kudler foods. We also investigate Kudlers management structure and how its Information technology is helping or hurting the companys mission.

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Running head: Kudler Foods: An Overview of Management Kudler Foods. AN OVERVIEW OF MANAGEMENT Kudler Foods Virtual Organization Kudler foods a manufacturer of specialty gourmet foods, uses an external internet portal for its customers and suppliers as well as an internal portal or intranet portal for its employees and limited access for its contractors. We study how Porter's five forces apply in the case of Kudler foods. We also investigate Kudler's management structure and how its Information technology is helping or hurting the company's mission. The Primary management Functions The first of four management functions is planning and strategizing. The company looks forward five or ten years and plans based on the organization's mission. For instance food processing companies use technology to expand capacity according to Young (2002). The second is organizing. ...read more.


Applying Porters Five Competitive Forces Model 1. The threat of new entrants -for Kudler foods this is an ever present reality. There are many potential entrants because the entry barriers are low. Many companies are already in the specialty gourmet food industry. The more players the more price becomes a factor. 2. Supplier bargaining power- suppliers or supplier groups may have an inordinate advantage in determining terms of business. For instance Kudler may not have need of high volume. Therefore they may be unable to negotiate deeper discounts and save costs as other large scale companies can. Bernard Casavant executive chef at Chateau Whistler resort in British Columbia says the" key to keeping the hotel's food as fresh as possible is to maintain good relations with suppliers" Jaquette (1996). Some of Kudler's competitors like whole foods enjoy volume purchase discounts. ...read more.


Fortunately Kudler's customers are in the upper middle class range. High household incomes mean the presence of disposable income and price in exchange for value may not be an objectionable proposition. 5. While rivalry is healthy from customer standpoint, it may hurt Kudler's bottom line if there is stiff rivalry within the industry, it may lead to price wars, Duff (2009) and cheap products undercutting quality and affecting revenues. Conclusion Kudler Foods is poised to grow into new markets. Its mission is to target its discerning high end customer's need for fresh quality gourmet foods and wines. The industry is price competitive and entry barriers are low. Companies can enter and leave the industry with relative ease. While Kudler's target clients may have disposable income, the need for value added services deserves attention. Deploying relevant technology and the internet can help Kudler achieve management efficiencies and better prepare the company for planned growth ahead. ...read more.

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