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Management of Service Operations

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The Company "Roti" (the Indian restaurant) "Roti" (means Bread in Hindi) was started by two fiends (partners) on July 15th 2007. "Roti" started its operations with 5 employees, including 1 head cook, 1 junior cook, 1 receptionist, 1 waiter and 1 dishwasher. The restaurant is meant for dining in, home delivery and also take away. Restaurant is serving high quality food cooked with best ingredients. As most of the advertisement of the restaurant is through word of mouth, Roti did sufficient promotion by distributing leaflets, fliers and even advertise through local newspapers, posters and banner ads. The restaurant is located at Smithfield court's shopping plaza in Kennedy Town, which is mainly the residential area and is away for commercial area. The owner told me that they are not getting a good response from the local residents as there are not many customers enjoying the environment and food at "Roti" even though they are focusing on local residents and office employees in Kennedy Town, as there are not many Indian restaurants in this area. He told me that there are only few customers attending the restaurant in lunch hour's and they are mainly office employees, people who are working in some commercial offices in the area. ...read more.


Demographic area: - When organizations select or look locations, they have to consider on the local area's population, because if you are taking help of the leasing agent or a real estate broker, they usually throw away the population numbers, or you may also be given a computer generated data listing the population, households, age, and income of the given area. The organization should develop their own feel for the market, they can also consider how much population growth is expected in certain period of time. The most important element is not how many people reside in the population area, but it is rather who are the people, what are their ages and what is the income. So every organization should clearly analyze these facts. Accessibility: - Access mainly occurs at three levels, so the organizations have to analyze these three levels. 1 whether there is easy access to the business location, 2 the access to the particular site and (3) lastly whether this access is via adequate curb cuts, traffic signals or others, and if the access is poor it can be overcome by reputation or promotion, especially when competition is at its peak. ...read more.


The majority of customers who will visit this location will be employees working in this area, so we can relocate "Roti" in Central as this will mainly attract the local employees. We can also change the points or weight slightly for those factors about which there is some doubt, as we can analyze the sensitivity of the decision, for instance if we change the scores for labor availability it can change the decision. So, finally with the help of factor-rating method we can select the best location for "Roti" operations. I myself and the management of "Roti" think that Lan Kwai Fong, in central will be the most profitable location. Therefore we will relocate "Roti" somewhere near Lan Kwai Fong in Central district. Conclusion Studies show that we should never underestimate the location factor. Every organization knows that good location is the heart of the business. A good location will help the organization to achieve their main goals, such as profit maximization, customers and stay above their competitors. Good location will attract more customers. So In a nutshell we can say that no organization can survive and cannot be successful if they do not have good location for their business. ?? ?? ?? ?? Management of Service Operations BSc (Hons) in Business & Management studies 1 ...read more.

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