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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Free essay

    Corporate social responsibilty

    Not only has Bp destroyed the environment in that area with their spill of deep water horizon oil field but also the destroy the Sea food industry of the state of Louisiana. Before that about 70% of the seafood is coming form Louisiana to U.S.A . Workers at the Deep water horizon(jobs with low expertise required) have damaged their health Fishers in that area have empty stomach due to empty nets. The water has been polluted and fisher can not find any fish in the water.

    • Word count: 2835
  2. Manzana Insurance case solution

    Despite the overstaffed Rating and Policy writing teams, there is a noticeable increase in backlogs. ? The company policy is to use FIFO at each stage of the process, but however in practice there are preset priorities among the four stages. The most profitable RUNs and RAPs are run first followed by RAIN's and RERUN's. Exhibit 3 gives the annual premium revenues for three years. Problem Definition Manzana Insurance is facing operation inefficiencies resulting in excessively long turnaround times, overall customer dissatisfaction and loss in the existing customers due to significant delays.

    • Word count: 2921
  3. The Implication of Semiotics in the Requirements Elicitation and Analysis Process

    Then, the essay will find the outputs of the upper three levels in semiotic framework. At the end of section 2, semiotic framework is introduced to support REA. In section 3, the essay illustrates the contribution that semiotics makes to the process of REA. And before drawing the conclusion in section 5, the essay discusses future implication of the semiotics in section 4. 2. The requirements elicitation and analysis process and the semiotics According to Sommerville (2001), requirements elicitation and analysis is one stage of the requirements engineering process, which follows the initial feasibility studies.

    • Word count: 2872
  4. Information Technology

    He added that in some cases, errors and double entry of data are found in the reports from various outlets and would also take quite a while on an average of at least three days to reach HQ from the point of compiling, depending on the amount of data (sales transactions, etc) daily. Thus, resulting in a lack of timely information and hindered the top management in the decision making process. The need to link up all databases from the various outlets, improve the systems data integration and have information readily available to the key decision makers.

    • Word count: 2786
  5. British Airways Terminal 5 management

    The goal is to implement changes, minimize any damage, and maximise opportunities in the context of best management approach in Heathrow Terminal 5. One of the most dominant and practical management approaches of 20th Century is 'Scientific Management' or 'Taylorism' which is still used today An appropriate example of a place that can use this management technique is British Airways baggage handling system used at Heathrow airport. IBM software is used in the procedure of baggage handling that consist of labeling each traveler's bag with given barcode by BA when the passenger arrives at the airport, holding information that gives detail of their destination, airline and names (Coby P, 2009).

    • Word count: 2775
  6. Ministry of Trade and Development for the Russian Federation

    This research analysis will also aid in identifying strengths and weaknesses in current Russia's trade and development. At the present some Russia's strength lie in the reserves of natural resources like oil, natural gas, metals, wood and other. As well as energy exports currently play an important role as a source of foreign exchange (Curtis, 1996). Ironically some of the crucial weaknesses lie in misuse of these resources. In this essay by means of using PEST and SWOT analysis business tools, Russian Federation strengths and weaknesses will be identified in order to be analysed that will assist in drawing upon conclusions that consequently will be used to consult The Ministry of Trade and Development in context of policy design.

    • Word count: 2258
  7. According to Henri Fayol, to manage is to forecast and plan, to organise, to command, to co-ordinate and control. Critically Discuss Fayols Perspective

    Planning, organising, co-ordinating and control are four words that have dominated management since Fayol's introduction of his theory in 1916 yet according to Mintzberg, who followed and studied what managers actually did, the conclusion from his research found these words tell us little about what managers actually do, they are simply vague objectives managers have when they work which although ideal in actuality they cannot be achieved. He suggested in reality managers often attempt, and frequently fail, to sequence their roles logically in the pursuit of their objectives.

    • Word count: 2289
  8. Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility of tobacco advertising

    The most common argument concerned with tobacco advertisement banning is to stop non smokers, young people and children from starting the habit. (Townsend 2000, Cornwell and Maignan 1998, Johnson 2000). Advertising to increase sales, look after customers and protect profits is no different to the tobacco industry. Where laws forbid the sale of tobacco products to children, it is because children are said to be below an age where their informed consent can be assumed. It is, therefore, reasoned that tobacco advertising appeals directed at them .

    • Word count: 2661
  9. The ethical arguments concerning the banning of tobacco advertising.

    Information in tobacco advertising? One of the cornerstones of the argument in favour of advertising generally is that advertising provides consumers with information about products and services being offered for sale. Classical economists argue that efficiency is optimised when all parties in an economic transaction have maximum information. The usual sorts of information exemplified in such arguments include price, the attributes of a product and notice of availability. Does tobacco advertising provide such information and help facilitate choice? Mention of price is virtually absent in tobacco advertising, except at point of sale, where discounting is rampant in tobacco retailing.

    • Word count: 2330
  10. Is it Ethical for People to Buy or Use Piratical Products

    Rather, you are buying a licence to use that program and that licence applies only to yourself, whether for personal or business use, and the licence will tell you how many times the software can be installed without paying additional fees. If you make or install more copies of that software than permitted by the licence, then you are considered in violation of copyright and user agreements and subject to fines and/or imprisonment depending on the nature and extent of the piracy.

    • Word count: 2409
  11. Company Law

    ~ The company can continue to function after the death of a shareholder. So companies have a Separate Legal Existence and a Corporate Veil. Corporate Veil separates the personality of a corporation from the personalities of its stockholders and protects them from personally liable for the company's debts and other obligations. Therefore under Companies Act 1844, 1985, 1989 and 2006, Brandy plc has a separate existence from its subsidiaries. The leading case on the fundamental importance of the separate personality of a company is Salomon v A Salomon and Co Ltd [1897] AC22.

    • Word count: 2430
  12. Discuss the main reason that simply multiplying the country's expected per capita consumption by its population doesn't necessarily lead to a good estimate for potential demand, and why this is an important consideration in the global business environment

    Developing countries have lot of skilled manpower but the industries/companies or the governments don't have enough capital to make full use of the manpower and developed countries have the money to invest so there is no shame in inviting them. This results in better quality of goods at lower prices. The benefits developing countries get are employment, the infrastructure becomes better, inflow of foreign capital and becomes more advanced with the technology developed countries bring in. Developed countries benefit as well with the reference of comparative advantage- same or better goods are produced at less than opportunity cost.

    • Word count: 2803
  13. Issues Management

    These companies have failed to exercise effective stakeholder management and, as a result, have lost society's respect.3 The financial advisory/planning field has been tremendously impacted by these events. As an investment advisor, it is my responsibility to properly engage my clients and transact business in a moral and ethical way. The strategic management approach is more broadly inclusive and typically is the responsibility of senior level management. It is seen as an approach to the anticipation and management of external and internal challenges to the company's strategies, plans, and assumptions.

    • Word count: 2941

    Even though the concept of CSR is still evolving rapidly and continues to face some criticism, the best case for corporate social responsibility is, it is obviously preferred to corporate social irresponsibility. With consumers and the general public becoming increasingly sensitive to social and environmental issues, corporations will have to take a serious look at their role within the society as expectations of them increase. Large corporations have access to huge human and financial capital placing them in a position to effect positive change.

    • Word count: 2957
  15. Business Systems Development

    is applied to any new customer Actors: Sales Officer Frequency of execution: Constant Scalability: Sales Officer Criticality: When adding a new customer the customer details need to be stored in the customer card index, this means the customer doesn't need to give it's details every time. Preconditions: Customer details must be kept up to date Post conditions: The details of the customer must be checked with the recent details Other non-functional requirements: None Primary path: 1. The customer provides their details.

    • Word count: 2580
  16. Reda Sosial

    The Organization. BACKGROUND Reda Sosial is a line staff organization and has a board and a bureau. The Board sets out the policy. One representative is appointed by each Island Government of the Netherlands Antilles, two members are appointed by the Government of the Netherlands, and one member is appointed by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles, who is also the president of the Board.

    • Word count: 2253
  17. Termpaper- Timbuk2

    Presently, this company has continued to expand, remodel its factories, opened a retail store in San Francisco and is financially thriving in their industry global wide (Cachon, Cattani, and Netessine). QUESTION ONE There are two categories of products that Timbuk2 makes and sells; high-quality custom bags and classic messenger bags. There are key competitive dimensions that are driving the sales for the custom messenger bag. These orders are locally manufactured in San Francisco and taken over by the Internet. The customers are given many configurations, sizes, color, pocket, and strap options.

    • Word count: 2902

    Presenting the Web's Business Models It is first essential to review the models, as they are outlines in Prof. M. Rappa's website. He defines a business model, in its most simple form, as being the method that a company chooses to generate its revenues. The business model, which a company applies as a revenue-generating source, will also position it in the value chain. Because e-commerce is yet at its early stage of maturity, M. Rappa wants to specify that the models he presents are definitely not the only one, and several new models, or amended models, will emerge in the future, all depending on the maturity/growth curve of the e-commerce.

    • Word count: 2821
  19. Mangement at the United National Dairy, Saudi Arabia. This essay will illustrate how Katz theory of management skills (human skills in particular) are reflected in Dr. Narendrans methods of management and how technology and environmental uncertainty

    Dr. Narendran's main functions are to provide high quality training solutions and consultancy services in areas such as transparency, good governance, financial management and project management. During the interview, Dr. Narendran was asked to identify management functions, the skills required for successful management and his actual role as a manager in the organization with detailed examples. This essay will illustrate how Katz' theory of management skills (human skills in particular) are reflected in Dr. Narendran's methods of management and how technology and environmental uncertainty affect his work.

    • Word count: 2033
  20. How entrepreneurs can impact on the economy

    In supplement, EGCs often have important economic consequences on a community, accounting for a large piece of new job development, producing the support of them essential. To better realise entrepreneurs, some common myths should furthermore be dispelled. Though there are habitually exclusions, most of the common insights of entrepreneurs manage not request to most EGCs. Common myths cite that entrepreneurs: take uncalculated risks; start businesses with a break-through invention; have years of know-how in their industry; have comprehensive business designs with comprehensive research; and start the business with plentiful economic resources.

    • Word count: 2843
  21. Tesco Customer Service

    Tesco is mainly a food retailer but as well as that Tesco sells electronics, books, clothing, insurance and has recently introduced banking, Tesco provides all these products and services over the phone, online and in store. Tesco's Mission statement "Our core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty." Tesco's mission statement clearly states its values and what Tesco believes in to have a successful business. SOURCE: Tesco Mission statement (http://www.tescoplc.com/plc/about_us/values/) SOURCE: Tesco Staff and Stores (http://www.tescoplc.com/plc/about_us/map/)

    • Word count: 2205
  22. Rayovac Global Strategy

    Finally, this report critically analyses and evaluates whether globalizing was good strategic move of Rayovac or not. 2.0 BACKGROUND OF RAYOVAC CORPORATION Rayovac Corporation has 100 years history when a French Battery Company started its business in 1906 in Madison, Wisconsin. During 1970s and 1980s, Rayovac became the No.1 market leader of value-priced batteries in North America. Because Rayovac implemented the strategy which was to sell a battery comparable in quality to other competitors but the averaging price was 10-15 percent lower than the other main competing brands.

    • Word count: 2642
  23. Apollo Hospitals case Study

    Internationally the hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka was a major success reaching market dominance in a short period. 1, pg.4 The development of these hospitals and the advent of medical tourism has proved worthy for lot of people who normally would have to wait in pain for 8 months for a hip replacement, people who need a kidney transplant or people with excruciating dental pain who can now receive care, at a much lower expense, and much faster. 2 Apollo has already proved itself worthy testing on the IDN area which although proved disastrous in the US health care industry, in India the inclusion of pharmacies and primary care clinics have already begun to reap their benefits.

    • Word count: 2464
  24. Business ethics

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 IV. Conclusions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Introduction This paper will discuss ethical behavior in the business world.

    • Word count: 2217
  25. Does Organizational Culture affect the workplace?

    Organizational culture includes two factors: historical and developmental. "Historical factors include long established notions of trust, rituals and often leadership and management models. Development factors include experiences and lessons learned over many years that often get translated into standard operating procedures" (Sopow, 2006, p.14). Organizational identity is defined as "what members perceive, feel and think about their organizations" (Hatch, 1997). "Organizational identities help members make sense of what they do - as defined by tacit cultural norms and manifested in visible and tangible artifacts - in relation to their understanding of what their organization is" (Ravasi, 2006, p.437).

    • Word count: 2159

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