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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Data Mining Data mining is the extraction of hidden predictive information from large databases. It is a powerful technology with great potential to help companies focus on the most important information in their data warehouses.

    Existing data collected by a company can be used to implement data mining techniques to enhance the value of existing information resources. As the company grows with new products and systems, these new applications can be added on to the data mining platform. When implemented on high performance client/server or parallel processing computers, data mining tools can analyze massive databases to deliver answers to questions that they did not know the answer to before data mining was implemented. A typical example of a predictive problem where data mining can be used for is targeting customer segments for marketing.

    • Word count: 1600
  2. The aim of this report is to provide a communications strategy which articulates the Workplace Conflict Resolution Policy (WCRP) for Noble Industries Pty Ltd (NI)

    NI currently has 55 full time employees and 359 part time employees and associates and 1547 sub-contractors. The following demographics are pertinent to the report: + Recently formed company as of 2009; + 85% of NI employees have an military, security, intelligence or law enforcement background; + gender balance of 75% male to 25% female; + a broad range of religious, cultural and political backgrounds and affiliation including a large subcontracting base sourced from overseas; + excellent internal doctrine and policies on operational and administrative mission related practise but limited internal human resource related policies.

    • Word count: 2221
  3. Strategic Management: The Case of eBay

    How eBay operates despite the fierce competitive nature of online auctioning business will also be addressed. 2.0 Company Background Founded on 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, eBay was considered a pioneer in theonline auction industry whereby people are brought together on a local, national and international basis to serve the purpose of creating a person-to-person community where ever individual could have an equal access through the same medium which is the Internet. eBay offers wide varieties of products and services for bargain hunters, hobbyists and collectors and sellers, changing the way people engage in trading hence eBay had changed the face of e-commerce from its inception.

    • Word count: 2358
  4. Makro Stores and Consumer Behaviour. How Makro could increase its sales volume by improving store layout and design to fit their operations?

    Makro's professional customers will find all their needs under one roof. 1.1.4 Advantage for Makro Customers * Competitive Prices * Quality Guaranteed * Everything Under One Roof * Air-conditioned and clean environment * Bulk Packing * Detailed Sales Invoice * Extended Business Hours - 8:00 am to 12 Midnight * Open 7 days a Week including national holidays * Vast and secure parking space * Convenient shopping environment for senior citizens and customers on wheelchairs * Makro Mail: a fortnightly price list with special promotions on a vast range of products 1.2 Product Range 1.2.1 Fresh Food Fruits &

    • Word count: 3398
  5. Operations Strategy for Industry Case Study - Halton Materials was founded in 1985 by its current Chief Executive and major shareholder, John Halewood, to manufacture motorcycle Disc Brake Pads (DBP) for the aftermarket.

    Following Ian Woolton's retirement in 1999, John Halewood took full control of the company and his family own 90% of the shares, the remainder being held by other senior employees. Other finance is provided by their bankers in the form of long-term business loans. Turnover had exceeded �5 million (approx. 2 million pads) for the first time last year (2005) and the business made a satisfactory profit, though John was becoming increasingly concerned by competition from low cost Far Eastern suppliers.

    • Word count: 3749
  6. Value Chain Analysis. Within every organisation there are four types of strategies at work. In order for us to develop a competitive advantage from the use of information technology we need to understand the role that each strategy plays within the organ

    The essence of formulating competitive strategy is relating a company to its environment." [4] " Strategic decisions are concerned with: * The scope of an organisation's activities * The matching of an organisation's activities to its environment * The matching of an organisation's activities to its resource capability * The allocation and reallocation of major resources in an organisation * The values, expectations and goals of those influencing strategy * The direction in which the organisation will move in the long term." [5] Types of Strategy Within every organisation there are four types of strategies at work.

    • Word count: 1566
  7. Nursery Business Plan. I intend to employ on 3 to 4 employees along with my self and cater for approximately 12-20 kids once the business has established itself

    FINANCE NEEDED As mentioned in financial and production plan I will be looking to obtain a loan of �5000 from the bank. If the bank rejects my application, then I will consider getting a sleeping partner so that I can apply again for lower amount. I could also find a partner and then half the investment. This is because currently I have personal savings of �3500 and could use �2500 of this to open my business with my partner. When discussing the plan with my father, he agreed to help whenever he could so the last report to raise finance would before him.

    • Word count: 16983
  8. HP Case Study - Deskjet Printer Supply Chain.

    The Supply Chain The network of suppliers, manufacturing sites, distribution centres (DCs) dealers and customers for the DeskJet product comprised the supply chain. Manufacturing which involved two stages- Printed Circuit Assembly (PCAT) and Final Assembly and test (FAT) was done at HP in Vancouver. The components needed for the manufacturing process was sourced from other HP divisions as well as from external suppliers. Currently localisation of the printer which meant customising to the specific region was done at the factory.

    • Word count: 2061
  9. Comparative Nonprofit Sector Essay: Pakistan and Turkey. Pakistan and Turkey, as two developing, muslim oriented, trying to adapt and implement democracy have very different structure and history of the CSOs.

    Different beliefs created different ways for manifesting themselves with philanthropic institutions activities, since every religion promotes care for poor and sick and education. Hindu concepts were daana(giving) and seva (service) and those were provided in asharams. Stupas of Buddhists, Sikh gurdwaras were also religious institutions to satisfy the obligation of these beliefs. After 8th century till the colonial period, Islamic rule was on the stage in the region. Islamic practices of zakat (offering to the poor) and Khariat(charity) and haqooq-ul-bad (human rights) laid the foundation for voluntary activities. Followers of a mystic branch of Islam, the Sufis, established khanqahs (monasteries)

    • Word count: 2731
  10. Shouldice Hospital Case Solution. Problem Definition To increase the capacity of the hospital to cater to the ever increasing backlog of operations and at the same time maintain the quality of service delivered.

    and ends by 4:00 P.M. Each surgeon typically performs 3 to 4 operations each day. Training of a new surgeon in the Shouldice technique is important because the procedure cannot be varied. There is time-based rotation of teams and frequent consultations among doctors. A patient at Shouldice requires minimal post-operative care. Patients are encouraged to move about and carry on their day-to-day activities with minimal physical assistance. This allows Shouldice to operate with a much lower nurse-to-patient ratio than a typical hospital. Employees at the Shouldice have very competitive pay scales. The remuneration has both fixed and bonus components.

    • Word count: 2464
  11. Manzana Insurance Case - In this study we will look at the major issues Manzana is facing, analyse the causes behind the same and suggest feasible solutions and recommendations to improve its turnaround time.

    This order has been informally followed at Manzana because of the belief that new policies generate more profits than policy renewals. However, a more detailed study reveals that this assumption is questionable. 4. Conversion rate of RAPs: Another major issue is the low conversion rate of RAPs (15%). A significant amount of time is invested in 'developing' RAPs. However, 85% of these are finally not accepted. 5. Delay in RERUNs: RERUNs are not worked on until the last day before the due date.

    • Word count: 4119
  12. Case study of Orange Romania -aims and PEST analysis

    These include 144.5 million mobile customers and 13.3 million broadband internet (ADSL, FTTH) customers worldwide. Orange is one of the main European operators for mobile and broadband internet services and, under the brand Orange Business Services, is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies. 1.1 History Orange is the brand used by France T�l�com for its mobile network operator and internet service providers subsdiaries. It is the seventhlargest telecom operator in the world, with over 189 million customers as of 2009. The brand was created in 1994 for Hutchison Telecom's UK mobile phone network, which was acquired by France T�l�com in August 2000.

    • Word count: 4118
  13. In this assignment I will discuss whether profit can coexist with ethical responsibility. I will look into ethics in businesses and corporate social responsibility in regards to Milton Friedmans (1970) article in the New York Times Magazine.

    Friedman feels that because of "Free Enterprise" businesses are able to operate how they wish, with an agenda "to make as much money as possible". It is clear that Milton Friedman's view is in some way subjective. This is because many organisations do exist as profitable and in consideration of society. It is apparent that business attitudes have changed since 1970 and the awareness of ethics have become more significant. A recent article in the Guardian website suggests many large corporations have invested into acting on climate change as their role in being responsible. Press Association (2011) reports that "(68%)

    • Word count: 1140
  14. The impact of the Japanese earthquake on supply chains.

    Figure 1.1 An illustration of a company's supply chain Source: Chen, IJ & Paulraj, A. (2004), Towards a theory of supply chain management: the constructs and measurements. Journal of Operations Management, 22/2: 119-150. 1.2 Supply Chain Management strategies There are number of SCM strategies, however, the major two strategies are lean strategy and agile strategy. The objective of a lean strategy is to do every operation less of each resource. Besides, it organises the efficient flow of materials to eliminate waste, give the shortest lead time, minimum stocks and total cost. (Chopra & Meindl, 2007)

    • Word count: 2266
  15. Global Forces and the European Brewing Industry

    Economical Whilst sales volume have fallen, sale value has increased. This is due to premium products such as fruit beers. Large supermarkets are offering cut price deals to entice customers into their shops. There has been a high rise in packaging costs. Social The first decade of the 21st century saw a fall in beer consumption in the UK and Germany. Wine was becoming more popular. Shift from 'on-trade' to 'off trade' due to more people drinking at home, possibly due to the 'No Smoking' law.

    • Word count: 1174
  16. Apple is among Americas most admired companies today but this has not always been the case. Using module theory and case evidence, critically evaluate Apples strategies since 1990. Explain why Apple has been through difficult times and wh

    However Apple was able to turn the crisis of 1990's into a successful profitable venture after the brilliant leadership of Steve Jobs who was back in the company and revised the structure (Ed, 1996). The Outside-in Approach to strategy An analysis of the external environment gives an insight of the market situation of Apple and would help in the Outside-in approach to strategy. This strategy responds to changing market trends and consumer tastes based on the systematic analysis of the competitive environment (De Wit and Meyer).

    • Word count: 2145
  17. Strtgc Mngmnt Rport on WalMart

    r?c?ss?on of 1974-1975 ?nd ?nfl?t?on ?ff?ct?d S??rs ?dv?rs?ly. S??rs t?rg?t?d m?ddl? cl?ss f?m?l??s ?nd ?xp?nd?d ?ts ov?rh??d. W?l- M?rt's str?t?gy w?s to comp?t? w?th ?ts r?v?ls ?nd low?r ov?rh??d ?xp?ns?s. Comp?r?d w?th S??rs, who cons?st?d of mor? th?n 6,000 d?str?but?on c?ntr?s, W?l-M?rt h?d only 2,500 comp?r?bl? un?ts" (Gov?nd?r?j?n, 2001, 65). Although W?l-M?rt w?s und?r f?n?nc?d, ?t m?n?g?d to h?v? 30 stor?s ?n th? 8 y??rs. In ord?r to s?ll th? m?rch?nd?s? ?t ? low r?t?, W?l-M?rt's purch?s?ng cost must ?lso b? ?t ? low r?t?. How?v?r, suppl??rs ?nd v?ndors w?r? not w?ll?ng to supply m?rch?nd?s? ?t th?

    • Word count: 9330
  18. Strategic Analysis for Starbucks

    By the end of the year, Starbucks had increased the number of stores to 17 and furthered its location span by entering Chicago and Vancouver. * In 1990, the company took further steps forward with expansion of the Seattle headquarters and an increase in resources with the opening of a new roasting plant. Relationships and other ventures also took off during the early nineties as the company looked to development organizations to further its progress. *In 1995, the company really established its name with the opening of the 676th store as well as increasing the products in store with the addition of compact discs a result of a previously popular experiment with 'in-house' music.

    • Word count: 4987
  19. Nike Analysis. Today, NIKE sustains a leading position through emphasising quality products, constant innovation and aggressive marketing. NIKE also has a mission statement which represents the company To bring inspiration and innovation to every

    NIKE recognises the need for a well-coordinated and efficient supply chain for its business industry. It spans multiple areas from raw materials to production to shipping to retail and ultimately to customers, a consistent and mature public policy position is needed. They support policies that deliver efficient, cost-effective delivery of Nike, Inc. products in a responsible manner. According to their financial data, throughout the fiscal years from 2007 - 2011, there has been an increase in revenues by 28%. NIKE divides its sales into three main distribution centres - NIKE Brand (U.S.), NIKE Brand (Non U.S.

    • Word count: 1416
  20. Classify and analyze THREE major issues which restraint the development of small businesses in South Africa, with respect to Dafts three organizational environment schemes, which are the general, task, and internal environment (Samson and Daft 200

    The main language of the populace is native Afrikaans, English is commonly used in public and commercial life but it is not listed as one of the primary language used (South Africa: fast facts, 2011). Generally, present day's South Africa is a developing country supplying various natural resources including minerals and mining throughout the world. However, the country is still enshrouded in problems of high unemployment rate and poverty, with 25% of the populace being unemployed (Bureau of African Affairs, 2010).

    • Word count: 2474
  21. Strategic Analysis of Travelodge.

    Travelodge achieves internal quality by: Providing employees with an in house four weeks "Sleep Tight" training program in line with its "Sleep Manifesto", covering sleep issues, noise policies and time-delivery reorganisation (www.2travlelodge.co.uk) Offering competitive salaries, benefits and development opportunities to its staff - fast track management program - (www.2travelodge.co.uk) Creating "Loco Awards", prize that rewards employee's suggestions about operational effectiveness improvement (www.2travelodge.co.uk) On the other hand, Travelodge facilities and services include standard rooms with king size beds, WiFi, tea/coffee making facilities, rooms for disables - subject to availability-, drinks and snacks vending machines, bar cafe with breakfast and evening meals such burgers and pizzas, drinks, and in few occasions meeting facilities.

    • Word count: 2644
  22. Business Technology Strategy Report. The management was concerned that our company is falling behind competitors in research, development and adaptation of 4G technologies in mobile handsets, and asked us, the R&D department, to

    We have dedicated a section each on current Industry Standards, proposed next-generation standards, an analysis of the market and the competitors, as well as a recommendation from our research results. An executive Summary can be found following the Introduction. 4 3. Executive Summary The advancement of technology now-a-days has changed the way of people communicating one to another. This is the era for the mobile communication and internet technology as it offers great contribution to our life to accommodate everyone's need for a simpler and efficient communication approach.

    • Word count: 3954
  23. The Use of Self-Service Technology in Retailing

    For instance, in the airline industry, companies generally position the staffs beside the check-in kiosks to help their passengers. Despite the increasing trend toward self-service technologies, organization must communicate with and provide service to customers through multiple channels in order to meet customer needs. The role of professional communicators is essential to ensure a smooth transition from full- to self-service (Strother, Fazal, and Rettich 2010, 191). Service Encounters and SSTs Dynamics Academic researchers have recognized the critical importance of technology in the delivery of service.

    • Word count: 3214
  24. The business value of Information Systems. Case study: Amazon.com

    its marketing techniques and the efficiency of its distribution channels in a time in which the fast development of technologies have come to redefine the commerce model within the retail industry. Indeed, the use of Internet has changed the way in which people acquire goods and services, and nowadays there is a strong shift towards online shopping that is forcing retailers to go onto the Net if they want to remain competitive. In this regards, Amazon has been a pioneer in using information systems to anticipate changes in the retail industry environment, and in addition, it provides the perfect example of how a company can obtain value for money from information system investments.

    • Word count: 3966
  25. Strategic Analysis of Zara Fashion Retailer.

    INTRODUCTION Zara is the leader fashion brand of the Spanish Group Inditex - the biggest fashion retailer chain in the world- founded by CEO Amancio Ortega, which also operates other brands such as Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho, Uterq?e, Stradivarius and Bershka. The brand offers reasonable quality designs copied from high fashion designers at average market price for the category. The first Zara store was open Spain by 1975, and since then it has experienced a strong national and international expansion.

    • Word count: 4556

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