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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Walt Disney Pixar Case Study

    1. Extent of Competition: A lot of other film studios such as Fox, Sony, LucasFilm, DreamWorks, MGM Universal and Paramount entered the fray for producing movies targeting the family segment. Since the animated movies generated highest returns of all genres, the barriers to entry decreased as access to technology grew. Additionally, a handful of fledgling animation studios profliferated in California?s Bay Area. Also, the distribution fee for the movies fell drastically, with DreamWorks paying just 8% distribution fee to Paramount. In fact, the companies had an increased bargaining with their distributors.

    • Word count: 2802
  2. Describe the main principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and discuss the realities of such principles at times of recession and austerity

    This begins with the management process, in day to day life we all manage, from organising school work to cooking food sometimes we don?t even realise that we are managing. There is also management within the business this can usually be quite complex, it is about getting work done through others with efficiency and effectiveness. It is not only the way and what type of management is taken up, it is often how well staff are managed. From my own personal experience, having a friendly, approachable manager whilst working in a happy environment benefits the workers taking more pride in their job and in turn, giving a better service to customers.

    • Word count: 2010
  3. Critical Analysis of the Corporate Social Responsibility Program at Deutsche Post DHL

    The first part will show the diversity of social engagements at Deutsche Post DHL. I intend to point out the three main focus areas ? environment, disaster management and education, rather than focusing on individual projects. Furthermore, this section should include an overview of the positive and negative critique of the CSR program at Deutsche Post DHL. The second part will deal with the conflict between CSR and CFP and Corporate Social Performance (CRP). Subsequently to the theory, I will answer two questions: 1.

    • Word count: 3855
  4. Management assignment. Fayols five processes of management functions are essential for studying constituent elements of management, while Mintzbergs model further details the complex, multidimensional nature of management.

    Fayol pioneered the functional approach to management, emphasising that management is centred around: planning, organising, commanding, coordinating and controlling. Successful management can only arise from the effective implementation of such ?processes?. However, Fayol?s classical administrative theory was subject to challenge in 1973. Henry Mintzberg criticized the model?s inability to specify managerial roles. From his empirical observations of five senior management executives, Mintzberg concluded that Fayol?s traditional functional approach was oversimplified and therefore unrealistic. He notes that managers are confronted daily by different people and situations, each requiring a different role and combination of management skills (Gentry, Harris, Baker & Leslie, 2008).

    • Word count: 1164
  5. A critical review of Biedenbach et al, 2008, The Challenge of Organizing Change in Hypercompetitive Industries: A Literature review, Journal of Change management, vol.8, No.2,

    The study is overall done relatively well thus it is a good paper but there is some limitations. Biedenbach?s study indicates some authors being skeptical of hypercompetition. Biedenbach et al (2008) indicates that hypercompetition is definitely present and supports this with a study indicating sustained competitive advantage. In this study hypercompetition is a required condition in order for Biedenbach?s argument to be valid since it is looking at the challenge of organizational change in hypercompetitive industries. This condition is definitely present in the past, present, and will definitely be around in the future due to the constant change in many industry environments.

    • Word count: 1634
  6. How The Mighty Fall - descibing the reasons for company decline.

    When a business develops further than its capability to seal its main places with the correct group, it has put itself in the position to fall. If the business does not have control, it can begin to try to develop further than what is able to maintain, knowing the business fiscal and managerial resources. In addition, if the business does not have control, it can guide to opposing from the main principles, toward the inside, position of business not joined to the plan, choose assignments that profit executives, not the business.

    • Word count: 1116
  7. Sales management and ethics.

    (Clive 2011) In organizational set up, ethics can be explained as the rules or standards governing the behaviours and performances of individuals and organizations. (Clark and Lattal 1993) The subject of business or sales ethics has been around since the very first sales exchange trade. For example, the Code of Hammurabi, created nearly 4,000 years ago, listed out that Mesopotamian rulers attempted to create honest prices. In the fourth century BCE, Aristotle discussed the vices and virtues of tradesmen and merchants.

    • Word count: 1585
  8. Research Proposal - Awareness of Going Green among MMU students

    The little that can be done here can contribute to saving the planet. MMU students have however been doing numerous things to get the idea of ?going green? out there. First of all, there has been a Boycott of Coca Cola. This was to increase awareness of the effects of Coca Cola to our environment as well as our bodies as Coca Cola has been involved in a lot of environmental controversies and also the Coca Cola can is not eco-friendly. One other awareness campaign is the Race for Green (2011) which was a campaign to raise funds for the Green research project while promoting collegiality among private and public universities in driving Green awareness to the future leaders which are students.

    • Word count: 2139
  9. Enterprise rent-a-car total quality management

    The framework will then be used to measure how successful the process is through using a cause and effect diagram to assess the most likely causes of customer dissatisfaction, supported by a quantitative analysis of a self administered questionnaire to identify the most likely consequence of an unhappy customer. Once we have now identified the key factors, we can develop our problem statement. Furthermore, this will lead to our analysis stage where we analyse the core processes and effectiveness of support activities through a value chain analysis.

    • Word count: 8790
  10. Furniture bank case study. The objective of this report is to help create an operation and process strategy, that would contribute to our corporate strategy of growth and meet community needs.

    For the Furniture Bank, the most significant operation performance objectives are cost, speed, quality and dependability. So any decisions we may take regarding our operation, should consider enhancing the tradeoff between these objectives. Our board members had mainly suggested four ideas, as showing below: 1. Expand the trucking operation by purchasing new trucks. 2. Having IT system that would facilitate efficient procedures for operations. 3. Relocate the organization?s premises. 4. Create a franchise model for the bank which will allow the bank to have branches in the leading Canadian cities. I believe all of the above ideas are extremely important.

    • Word count: 2333
  11. Critically examine the managerial implications of employee engagement

    Rothbard (2001, 656), like Kahn, also defined it as psychological presence but encompassed two critical components: attention and absorption. Attention refers to the amount of time a person spends on thinking on a role and their cognitive capability; whereas absorption refers to the intensity of one?s focus and engrossment on a role (Saks 2006, 601). Burnout researchers have also claimed that engagement is the contrary to the burnout concept, stating that engagement is characterized as involvement, efficacy and energy whereas burnout is characterized by cynicism, exhaustion and inefficacy.

    • Word count: 2236
  12. The implication of managing change at work for the psychological contract

    There are many factors might affect the psychological contract including culture changes, mentoring relationship, the number of innovative ideas of workers and reasonable job security. For example, employees have expectations such as performance feedback, a safe working environment and reasonable job security. In return, the employers expects from employees to be willing to work for extra hours, show loyalty towards organization, upholding the employers? reputation and bring innovative ideas (Hassan, 2011). Definitely, the psychological contract does a serious job in the relationship between employees and employers.

    • Word count: 731
  13. IT and the Workplace. The problems faced by the Avtovaz company are said to stem from the presence of a computer system that is very inefficient and not integrated at all. This system makes it very hard for the organisation to improve itself and become c

    1.0 Introduction In this report, the focus would be on making an investigation of a certain area of technology within the workplace and how this kind of technology does have a benefit over the organisation that is being examined. The sphere of information technology is indeed very wide and the area of IT that will be the main subject of this report will be on the management information system. Here, a complete analysis will be made of this type of technology in relation to how this particular type of information systems would be able provide very effective solutions to the issues that are currently plaguing the organisation.

    • Word count: 2858
  14. Entrepreneurship Case Study - Bill Gates.

    Gates has named his partnership "Micro-soft". In 1990 "Microsoft" released its first version of Windows. This was a breakthrough in operating software as text interfaces were changed by graphical interfaces. It soon became a best seller and was able to capture the majority of the operating system market share. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda French have 3 children. With his wife Bill Gates formed "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation". Gates has sought to focus on global issues ignored by the government; he also expressed an interest in improving the standards of public school education in the US.

    • Word count: 5103
  15. Corporate Social Responsibility: an examination of the performance of Serco

    Over the years, Serco supported approximately 25,000 jobless people by offering them a range of practical programmes such as Employment Zones, along with Flexible New Deal and the Work Programme (The work programme 2012). Recent activity happened in South Yorkshire, where Serco was chosen to carry out the Work programme (Dearne Valley Business Forum 2012). So far, Serco managed to pull off its main objective, by shifting ten individuals? life, assisting them in achieving a secure and sustainable life as to what the Welfare-to-work operation have promised (Serco 2012).

    • Word count: 1871
  16. The Internet and How it is Affecting The Music Industry

    run, and how it affects the way things are conducted, how the industry has had to evolve and adapt to new ways of making money and dealing with new threats. As a subject it is a very vital one, and also relevant to todays industry, as it will determine whether the same music industry still exists in the future, or whether it will be left behind and become obsolete. Most of my information and research was done using textbooks relevant to the digital revolution and change, and the internet, watching relevant interviews and reading articles.

    • Word count: 3481
  17. Research proposal - The impact of diversity on Business studies and performance in Business Department of HELP University College (HUC).

    Sub problem 3: What is the impact of nationality on business studies? Main Problem 2: What is the impact of different diversity on performance in business department of HELP University College? Sub problem 1: What is the impact of gender on the performance? Sub problem 2: What is the impact of races on the performance? Sub problem 3: What is the impact of nationality on the performance? Main Problem 3: What is the impact of diversity on different major in business department of HELP University College? Sub problem 1: What is the impact of diversity on Accounting major?

    • Word count: 1899
  18. In order to successfully analyse Apple, the Star Analysis (Spuller, 2007) framework will be applied

    Brand nationality is an important factor to consider when attempting to achieve competitive advantage in other countries. The brand nationality can either hurt or help sales, depending on how the home country is perceived amongst the potential customer countries. For example, Apple has done well in the UK as customers here see the USA as quite an advanced nation, a nation from which they would feel comfortable and confident buying technological products from. Furthermore, when looking at the home-country features, one theory useful to touch on is Porters Diamond Model (Michael E. Porter), which suggests that some, nations are more competitive than others on a global scale.

    • Word count: 2038
  19. Business Report on the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority

    It incorporates the other major players in the capital?s development and maintenance and these are namely:- 1. Transport for London (TfL) whose activities involves the management of transportation system to include rail and roads and congestion 2. London Development Agency (LDA). Up until 31 March 2012, when it was integrated to the main body of the GLA, it existed as a particular arm of the GLA and focused on bringing and sustaining economic growth for the city and its 32 boroughs 3.

    • Word count: 2318
  20. This report aims to identify the key issues organisations face as a result of globalisation and what Human Resource managers can do to ease the transition of the organisation going from multinational to transnational

    It is ?a process fueled by, and resulting in, increasing cross-border flows of goods, services, money, people, information, and culture? (Guillen 2001, 236). Multi-national corporations (MNCs) need to ?build global capabilities such as the ability to seamlessly move talent, ideas, and information around the world to create products and services better than competitors? to acquire a competitive advantage over the latter. Global managers need to engage in ?thinking global but acting locally? (Ulrich 1997, 3). Boost Juice Pty Ltd was established in 2000 by Janine Allis in Adelaide, Australia who recognised the potential for wellness products in an age where there is increasing demand by time-strapped consumers for healthy food amidst growing obesity and health issues.

    • Word count: 4366
  21. Ben & Jerry's Ethics and Corporate Citizenship

    (Kinsman, 2004) In 1988 Ben & Jerry?s created a Mission Statement, which aims to produce, sell and distribute top quality products, than make profits but also giving career opportunities and financial rewards for their employees and to play a major role in society as a business to improve life quality local, national and international (Ben & Jerry's, 2012). Ben & Jerry?s accomplishments: The company has been very successful with creating grassroots changes in their community. Below are just a few of them? 1.

    • Word count: 1276
  22. Anbalysis of Customer Service at Omega Watches.

    After receptionists recognize the demand of the customer, e.g: watch strip shortening or caliber malfunction, the demand will be assessed individually: e.g.: watch strip shortening can be processed in the back stage within 20 min (XXX), while caliber malfunction need to be further diagnose with the problem, sent to local manufactory workshop to be fixed(XXXX). The customer will be informed with the repair period, alternatively with the service receipt, customer is also able to track the after-sell service status by accessing the customer service website, or call the 24hr service line.

    • Word count: 1710
  23. Operation Management at Furniture Bank Case Study. How does a charity organization balance the 5 key poles of performance?

    We have read from the case, Furniture Bank values their customers-both donators and receivers importantly. They make sure these donated furniture are in good shape by putting effort on the furniture maintenance, arranging the pickup and delivery for customers? convenience. It demonstrates that ?dependability? and ?quality? of its service are highly prioritized by the organization, although such service is under low-cost and limited resources operation of a charity. On the other hand, ?speed? and ?flexibility? are obviously not the best interest to its clients given the nature of the business. To understand the market requirements and prioritize the operation objective can surely help the organization make the right decisions on its service performance improvement.

    • Word count: 2091
  24. This Report gathers data reviews analyzes and highlights the strengths weaknesses threats and opportunities for the Indian Leather Exports into Spain

    % of value Table 19: Spanish imports and leading suppliers of cases 2004-2008 ? million / ?000 tones Table 20: SWOT of Indian and Spanish Leather Industry. Table 21. Consumption of luggage and leather goods in Portugal 2004 - 2008 ? million Table 22. Production of luggage and leather goods in Portugal 2004 - 2008 ? million / ?000 tonnes Table 23. Average prices of various types of footwear euro different retailers 2009 Table 24. Development in Spanish average import values/prices 2004-2008 euro List of Figures Figure 1.

    • Word count: 11434
  25. Collective Bargaining in the USA.

    The Unions wanted to make sure they kept collecting these dues because a lot of them had political ties and they used the money they received from their members to financially assist politicians or political events. The employee had no say how the money was used. These labor unions started to become sneaky and coercive and it was because of this that certain laws came into effect such as: The National Labor Relations Board, The Fair Labor Standards Act and The Taft-Hartley Act.

    • Word count: 1680

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