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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Product development report. This report details the progress over the last 6 months of our R&D team for Apples new domestic product/service area, iHome.

    This will be discussed at length in the following sections, as well as the strategic fit with Apple's diversification strategy. This report will be divided into the following sections: Description of Strategic Fit * How iHome fits with Apple's global diversification strategy Technical Details * A comprehensive description of iLink including diagrams and specifications * Project plan for the next market year Market Research * Results of consumer market research on the iLink Members of Research & Development (R&D) Team * Details of skills and requirements of members of R&D team Conclusion * Conclusions drawn by team and recommendations made to management board.

    • Word count: 3896
  2. BP Report. This report aims to investigate the perpetuation of culture and the need for culture change at BP. this report has the goal to explain if culture change is needed or not in BPs situation. Various theories regarding culture

    Terms of reference This report aims : * To explore the organisational culture of BP * To analyse the current situation and the need for culture change * To critically examine the possible culture change mechanisms that might be adopted Literature review Organisational culture As an overall view, "the culture of an organisation refers to the unique configuration of norms, values, beliefs, ways of behaving and so on that characterise the manner in which groups and individuals combine to get things done"( Brown,1998,7).

    • Word count: 9186
  3. Must women adopt male characteristics in order to succeed?

    However society's measurement of achievements is money, power, and financial independence (Gideon, 2006). For this reason, this essay will focus on career success for women, and it will crucially examine whether they must adopt male characteristics in order to meet society's perception of ''success''. What is the reality for women in the workforce? Findings have shown that in any given occupation, the higher the rank, the lower the proportion of women within that role (White and Cooper, 1997). Women serving on FTSE 100 company boards represent only 12.5% (Cranfield University School of Management, 2010).

    • Word count: 2918
  4. Organizational Development. To be effective in todays competitive environment the organization has to be restructured with the aim of creating and organization that is more efficient and responsive to changing market needs by encouraging open com

    The vision is to create a learning organization with the key focus being the customer. Teams would be created across functional boundaries to ensure participation from all areas of the organization. The chosen structure would be a mix of a learning and matrix organizations where employees would be grouped by product, service or focus area such as customer satisfaction. Departmentalization allows employees to carry out tasks more efficiently. The first steps towards this would be to assess the actual business and organization needs and then staff it with competent individuals. The assessment has to be both qualitative and quantitative.

    • Word count: 1030
  5. Proposal For Assembly Plant Closure The responsibility for the abrupt closure of the plant demonstrates mismanagement and lack of communication on the part of Company Management.

    The argument that the primary responsibility of corporate managers is towards its shareholders and as such they have a duty to minimize losses ignores the fact that any business conducted and revenue generated comes from the resources that communities provides, as such, corporations have a moral obligation to ensure that any decisions taken do not adversely affect the well being of these communities. In case the business environment places the company in a situation that is unavoidable, the same should be clearly communicated to all stakeholders giving them ample notice to prepare themselves.

    • Word count: 800
  6. How can General Motors rebuild its organization performance to regain competitiveness on the market? It implies a huge involvement of the leaders of the firm to maximize motivation of the employees in this restructuring context

    The organizational performance is measured with regard to the 9 outcomes of the OHI Model: Leadership, Direction, Environment and Values, Accountability, Coordination and Control, Capabilities, Motivation, External Orientation, as well as Innovation and Learning. 4.1 Leadership The leadership situation of GM has been unstable, causing an uncertain work environment for employees and thus jeopardizing their trust in the future. Within 18 months including the bankruptcy period, GM engaged four different CEOs: Wagnor 06/00 - 03/09, Henderson 04/09 - 12/09, Whitacre 12/09 - 09/10, and Akerson 09/10 - present.

    • Word count: 5008
  7. The Web development Project has a total budget of $20000. Project budget is allocated according to the table below.

    16 hrs $240.00 Direct Cost Define Technical requirements 120 hrs $1,800.00 Direct Cost Create Task List 8 hrs $120.00 Direct Cost Test Environment 8 hrs $120.00 Direct Cost Define test group 8 hrs $120.00 Direct Cost Define Test and Feedback procedures 24 hrs $360.00 Direct Cost Test group starts testing 40 hrs $600.00 Direct Cost Prepare test report and feedback 24 hrs $360.00 Direct Cost Communicate final design to Management 8 hrs $120.00 Direct Cost Final meeting and website Demo 8 hrs $120.00 Direct Cost 368 hrs $5,520.00 Consultant @ $10 /hr Concept Development 40 hrs $400.00 Direct Cost Customer

    • Word count: 1236
  8. This report is about the impact of patent termination of Lipitor on Pfizer pharmaceutical company.

    It is good news for the consumers but not so much for the pharmaceutical industry. Lipitor is a blockbuster drug which going generic is a very big deal in the world of pharmaceuticals; it has been responsible for making a 27% of total sales revenue for all biopharmaceuticals. Pfizer is the best marketing pharmaceutical company in the world which is why it will squeeze out all of the value of the brand by using all strategies which are applicable in this case. It has a lot of challengers who have been waiting to get an opportunity to start producing the generic version of Lipitor like Ranbaxy and Watson pharmaceutical who have the approval to produce the generic Lipitor for 180 days after the patent expiry.

    • Word count: 4058
  9. Unilever & Vietnam. Within the framework of this report, I focus on analysis the vision, mission, and core value of the company. Thus, we will clarify the responsibilities of companies towards society, as well as the Vietnamese people. Furthermore, we wil

    The market is still available exploited by many companies in the world. The economy is growing quickly. So, people tend to use international quality products. However, MNCs is also have some troubles when they invest into Vietnam such as the market is fragmented and difficult to reach, and although 100% foreign owned retailer can register for operating license, they are generally allowed to open only one outlet. Furthermore, MNCs regularly lack of information which access to the domestic market. Overall, Vietnam market is both attracting and challenging. How Unilever can enter in Vietnam's market and become the successful multination company in Vietnam?

    • Word count: 3882
  10. Using appropriate theory, critically analyse the macro-environmental factors that have influenced the development of the global pharmaceutical industry.

    "A company can outperform rivals only if it can establish?a difference that it can preserve" (Porter 2006). The Pharmaceutical industry, specifically with large global firms has in the past based itself around what is referred to as a "Blockbuster business model" in which discovering genuine advances in healthcare created rapid growth and market penetration (Johnson et. al. 2010. p5467). This model is heavily reliant on high rates innovation, whilst a distinctive capability, managing it is costly and risky. (Kay 1995, p101-102). The rewards of creating a "Blockbuster" drug were immense, the initial risk involved places a huge burden on R&D departments within Pharmaceuticals perform.

    • Word count: 1121
  11. Project report. This case study bases on a medium sized company which manufactures various models of car control panels with frames while supply for five cars manufactures. All the aims of company operation are that minimize the lead time of lean product

    The operation targets of company is efficiency and short lead time, as the matter of fact, the processing for order creates, production and stock management is complicated and a waste of time. The information cannot be updated in a short time, thus, it is more possible to make mistakes in daily operations not only the record of orders updates, but also lead to the slow response for the fluctuation of demand. Moreover, this will also causes a high level of stock and long lead time for products.

    • Word count: 3916
  12. Critical analysis of the role and significance of technology on the business strategies of MNCs (Multi National Corporations): The Case of Procter and Gamble

    Corporations all across the world especially Multi National Corporations (MNCs) which work twenty four hours round the clock and possess some of the best brains of the world, innovatively use technology as part of their business and operational processes. Similarly, this piece of study attempts to explore the way, one of the world's best consumer goods manufacturer i.e. Procter & Gamble (P&G) uses the power of technology innovatively as part of its business strategies for achieving long term success and sustainable profitability.

    • Word count: 8528
  13. The strategic management principles and concept will be used in this essay to verify the concepts and factors that affect the business activities of Guangzhou Zhujiang Iron & Steel Company a steel producing company operating from or within the Republic of

    The company is involved in the manufacture of steel in the Guangdong province of the People's Republic of China. The company is based in Guangzhou, China. Environmental Analysis Pestle analysis is a technique or tool used to analyse the surroundings and the factors that affect an organized body in that location. It is an abbreviation for Political, Economical, Social, Technological and legal environment. PEST assesses a market, including competitors, from the standpoint of a particular proposition or a business. Political "This will analyse the ecological/environmental issues, current and future legislation home market, regulatory bodies and processes, wars and conflict and government policies."

    • Word count: 2192
  14. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Investigate the impacts of product quality, service quality and price on customer satisfaction.

    With the huge numbers of customers, all cars brands seem to be having the same important mission is to satisfy their customers in order to increase their sales of products and their revenue as well as improve customers' retention in competitive market. Therefore, customer satisfaction has been one of the core areas of interest in business marketing. 1.2 Overview some previous studies Customer satisfaction can be defined as the fulfillment of customers 'requirements or needs (Fournier and Mick, 1999). There are several approaches and models have been developed to evaluate customer satisfaction (E.g Oliver and De Sarbo, 1988; Oliver, 1981).

    • Word count: 15271
  15. A Critical Analysis of the Nokia Corporation

    Section 1.2 Introductions Nokia is a world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth and sustainability of the broader mobility market. Nokia connects people to each other and the information that matters to them with easy-to-use and innovative products like mobile phones, devices and solutions for imaging, games, media and businesses. Nokia provides equipment, solutions and services to network operators and corporations. Nokia is the leading mobile phone manufacturer. It held the most market share since 1998. In 2003, Nokia continued maintaining shares of the market ahead of such competitors as Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and now Apple, Android and RIM.

    • Word count: 4164
  16. Leadership traits of Azim Premji. Azim Premji is the chairman and CEO of Wipro technologies.

    Leadership traits of Azim Premji Traits are individual characteristics of thought or feeling that gives rise to tendencies to act in certain ways. (Rollinson D 2004) Luther Bernard (1926) attempted to explain leadership traits in terms of internal qualities that a person is born with. Effective leaders show common characteristics that differ them from non leaders. (Roger Gill 2006) After analysing Azim Premjis personality and applying trait theory some important traits emerged such as: Intelligence: intelligence is one of the key traits of successful leaders.

    • Word count: 874
  17. Dyson case study - Value chain, Resource Mapping and VRIO.

    The inbound logistics is where Dyson takes in the raw materials from his suppliers, so that they can rapidly meet their requirements where they are having problems to make the vacuum cleaner as Dyson wants. The outbound logistics which is the distribution of its products is outsourced. Dyson distributes his products for the vacuum channel which has got company-operated markets across the country. The marketing and sales was the one where Dyson`s own image and personal brand remained central to the firms promotion.

    • Word count: 1378
  18. Green Business - BP and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. BP is taking action to help the region recover economically and has conducted a marketing campaign stating, We will be here as long as it takes to make this right. The livelihoods and lo

    Since then, discoveries large and small have fuelled their progress. BP has long wielded such influence - in fact; the story of its origins is moored in empire and controversy. In 1901, an Australian-British mining magnate named William Knox D'Arcy won a concession from Persia (now Iran) to explore for oil in the country's rugged, arid southwest. Seven years later, after almost giving up, D'Arcy's surveyors struck it rich atop a sulphurous patch near where the armies of Alexander the Great had supposedly once seen the lights of black liquid fires burning upon the earth.

    • Word count: 3917
  19. E-Reading devices. The essay topic tells me that e-Reading devices, such as the Kindle and the iPad are the future of the leisure reading market. The first issue that comes to my mind is that is this true or false. What kind of impact would it have on Li

    The greatest advantage of these products is that it is a co-creation meaning it is a solution to eliminate vast amounts of paper from being used. This means that it can be environmentally friendly. In addition, It also contains metadata facilities as they are well organised and structured. Some e-books like the IPad have greater advantages as they can provide legacy metadata, meaning they allow you to find important information on websites for instance, catalogues, lists and databases about any relevant topic.

    • Word count: 1340
  20. Effectiveness of Collaborative Work in Social Environments. The purpose of this report is to highlight the social software environments that support collaborative work for students. More importantly, to give you a brief idea about the benefits and drawba

    Using this research can benefit the university, as they may not invest further into the learning platform that is currently being used (Learn). In addition, this research can broaden student's educational skills by using social environments in different platforms to enhance the ability to work away from university. Results will be evaluated and will be explained with clear understanding of the concept. This report will give a brief idea about social networks with benefits and drawbacks as recommendations will be made regarding the issues that are found.

    • Word count: 2135
  21. Riverford Farm Organic Farm shop expansion report - selecting the best location.

    The report will present the potential for locating in Exeter situated in Devon (South West England) and Glastonbury as two new potential locations for riverford farms expansion. The most efficient location will then be recommended to Riverford for future expansion plans. Relevant factors influencing our decision Labour Costs The costs of employing people with particular skills can vary between different areas (Slack et al, 2001). Glastonbury provides a more attractive area in terms of labour cost for Riverford, after doing some research it is clear that wages are lower than in Exeter.

    • Word count: 2913
  22. Operations Management at Tescos - The Final Report

    1.0 Introduction Tesco was found by Jack Cohen in 1919 it opened its first store in 1929 in Burnt Oak, Edgware, Middlesex (Tesco plc). Currently Tesco is listed on the FTSE100 which a share index showing the top 100 capitalized firms in the UK listed on the London Stock Exchange. Tesco's mission is "Our core purpose to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty (Tesco plc)." This statement clearly states its values and what Tesco believes in to have a successful business.

    • Word count: 2062
  23. Project Management Outline - Graduation Party

    with any relevant regulations � Arrange a venue and suppliers for the party well in time for the event � Have effective promotion by advertising the event to sell out of all tickets � To have organised all aspects of the party in time for it � Carry out the party to budget and attain a small profit to be donated to charity Stakeholder Analysis Identifying Stakeholders As defined by ISO 10006, stakeholders are all the people who have an interest in the project or are affected by it in any way.

    • Word count: 2500
  24. Environmental Health and Safety at GlaxoSmithKline, Malaysia.

    VISSION GlaxoSmithKline's Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Employee Health Management (EHM) Visions align with GSK's strategic intent: to become the indisputable leader in our industry by helping people do more, feel better and live longer. The EHS Vision embraces the concept of sustainable development focused on environmental sustainability. It recognizes that sustainable business advantage starts when we understand and address EHS issues. From the development of products to their delivery, GSK has embarked on a journey to identify and understand its relationship to society and the environment.

    • Word count: 7480
  25. Corporate Government & Accountability. Discuss why the Cadbury Report forms the backbone of Corporate Governance still today?

    Hence, what are good practices of corporate governance? How to ensure the directors act in the interests of the shareholders? As a result, the reform of corporate governance has developed debating the directors should act in the interests of all those to whom they owe duties, or the stakeholders. A more complex regulation of company law has developed to prevent recurring scandals. In modern days, corporate governance has been defined as the way in which companies are directed and controlled by Sir Adrian Cadbury.

    • Word count: 3306

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