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MARKETING PLAN FOR UNITED BREWERIES GROUP VENTURING INTO SOFT DRINK BEVERAGE SEGMENT Submitted To: Submitted By(Group-I) TABLE OF CONTENT S.NO. TOPIC 1. INTRODUCTION > COMPANY'S MISSION > COMPANY'S VISION STATEMENT > GOALS > OBJECTIVES 2. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS > PESTLE ANALYSIS > INDUSTRY OVERVIEW > PORTER'S FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS OF AERATED DRINK INDUSTRY: > COMPETITOR ANALYSIS 3. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT > SWOT ANALYSIS > BCG MATRIX > GE MATRIX > ANSOFF'S MATRIX 4. Financial Pay Off 5. Marketing Mix: > Product > Place Price > Promotion > People 6. Organizational Structure INTRODUCTION United Breweries Group or UB group is a conglomerate of different companies with major focus on Alcoholic Beverages Industry. The company markets Alcoholic beverages under the Kingfisher brand and also have launch Kingfisher Airlines an Airline services in India with international flights operating recently. United Breweries is largest producer of beer with a market share of around 48% by volume. It is owned by Vijay Mallya. UB group has now greater than a 40% share of the Indian Brewing market with 79 distilleries and bottling units across the world. The company has assumed an undisputed market leadership with a national market share in excess of 50%. Through a process of aggressive acquisition and market penetration, UB Group today controls 60% of the total manufacturing capacity for beer in India. The flagship brand, "kingfisher" is now sold in over 52 countries worldwide, having received many accolades for its quality. It has achieved international recognition consistently and has won many awards in international beer festivals. It has also been ranked among the 10 fastest growing brands in UK. With plans to become a global player, United Spirits Ltd. (USL), the flagship of the UB group has purchased Scottish distiller, Whyte and Mackney in May 2007 for Rs. 4,800 crores. This would bring the brands of W&M like The Dalmore, Isle of Jura, Glayva, Fettercairn, Vladiyar vodka, and Whyte & Mackay Scotch under its portfolio. ...read more.


UB fertilizers come in this quadrant. STAR In this quadrant, business unit has a large market share in a fast growing industry. Stars may generate cash, but because the market is growing rapidly they require investment to maintain their lead. If successful, a star will become a cash cow when its industry matures. CASH COW In this quadrant, a business unit has a large market share in a mature, slow growing industry. Cash cows require little investment and generate cash that can be used to invest in other business units. Kingfisher Breweries falls under this quadrant. DOG Here, business unit that has a small market share in a mature industry. A dog may not require substantial cash, but it ties up capital that could better be deployed elsewhere. Unless a dog has some other strategic purpose, it should be liquidated if there is little prospect for it to gain market share. Kingfisher airlines fall under this quadrant. > GE MATRIX GE MATRIX FOR UB GROUP (+) high (-) low Based on the analysis of the GE Matrix we can say that UB group is high in industry strength and high in market attractiveness in the breweries segment (as it has maximum + in this segment). They lie in the green section of the matrix, in the 'grow penetrate' section. The company's decision to invest in this segment is correct. Thus, the company's new venture to enter into soft drink segment has great growth potential. > ANSOFF'S MATRIX The Ansoff's matrix provides four different growth strategies:- 1. Market Penetration 2. Product Development 3. Market Development 4. Diversification The new product "Refresh" features in the second quadrant of the Ansoff's matrix where UB group is offering a new low Calorie soft drink product in an existing the market. The strategy for growth that they have used is the Product Development Strategy, where they have come up with a new product which they offer to a market who is already consuming soft drinks. ...read more.


Create attractiveness from advertising * Placing adds on bill boards/ hoardings: * TV Advertisements: * Press Releases: * Cost- Effective Promotion: As UB Group is a much known brand, so we believe that there should be a press conference after the launch and should spread in all over the news channels. Free trial of the drink in shopping malls /local shops Sponsor too many events such as cricket matches award functions trade fairs. Social media marketing: They should make the separate official on Facebook etc for Refreshing brand. Internet Marketing: Spreading the awareness through various websites search engines etc. Other strategies Getting Shelves: They get or purchase shelves in big departmental stores and display their products in the front side of shelves so that to attract the customers. Eye Catchy Position: Salesman of Refresh Company positions their freezers and their products in eye-catching positions. Normally they keep their freezers near the entrance of the stores. Sale Promotion: Company can also do sponsorships with different college and school's cafes and sponsors their sports events and other extra curriculum activities for getting market share. B2B promotions Hosting many functions The group can have tie-ups with schools, offices and restaurants to adhere to its target audience. 5) PEOPLE- The organization Structure will be a vertical hierarchical one, since almost equal number of personnel is involved in production and in management. There are 5 main functioning groups within this SBU of UB group: Production, Sales and Marketing, HR and finance. Production involves the actual manufacturing of the drink & bottling and packaging it. Sales and Marketing will handle the promotion and scheduling of drink newly launched Refresh drink under the UB banner .Hr would cater and manage facilities like recruitments payroll training & development and other HR functions. Finance / accounts will manage functions like profit calculation , investment needed, preparing balance sheets and profit n loss account to know where does the unit stand today and where will it go in future. Organization Structure: ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE OF THE SALES DEPARTMENT REFERENCE * www.ubgroup.com * www.financialtimes.com * HRM by TN Chabhra ...read more.

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