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McDonald's Human Resource Practice

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Human Resource Management 2bem0210 Assignment1 McDonald's Human Resource Practice Table of Contents Page 1.0 SUMMARY 3 2.0 INTRODUCTION 3 3.0 METHODOLOGY 4 4.0 SUMMARY OF THE PAPER 4 5.0 INTERPRETATION OF THE DATA 5.1 STUDENT'S 'T' TEST ANALYSIS 5.2 CHI-SQUARE DIFFERENCES 6.0 THE LIMITATION OF THE PAPER 6.1 SAMLL SAMPLE SIZE 6.2 CORRELATION ANALYSIS 6.3 QUALITATIVE METHODS DETERMINING 7.0 CONCLUSIONS 8.0 BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.0 SUMMARY Tyson argued, "Human resource strategy is intentions of the corporation both explicit and covert, toward the management of its employees, expressed through philosophies, policies and practices." As a functional strategy, the formulation of Human resource strategy is interactive with the formulation of business strategy. Moreover, in most cases, the Human resource strategy and practice is used to fit with the demands of business strategy, and help companies shape their future business strategies to some extent. In this report, McDonald's corporation, which is the largest fast-food chain in the world, is analysed. Its corporate, business strategy and human resource management practice are explored. The author attempts to assess of the degree to which its human resource management practice enables the business's strategy to be achieved, through analysing the training and reward and recognition program applied in company. Finally, recommendations dealt with its human resource management practice are given. 2.0 INTRODUCTION As was mentioned, McDonald's is the largest fast-food chain in the world. ...read more.


First of all, on-the-job training is given to the restaurant crewmembers to coach in skills and procedures essential. Secondly, classroom courses training are provided for the outstanding restaurant employees for advancement. Thirdly, operations and business management training is provided by Hamburger University for the restaurant managers, franchisees, mid-level managers, and corporate executives. Finally, a training system is brought to the crew members and managers to interact their learning experiences. Careers: Every new employee begins as a trainee on cooking French fries, which is the easiest of jobs in McDonald's restaurants. Once that employee can master this station, s/he is moved to the next designated station. Moreover, for the initiative employees, McDonald's offers opportunities for their quick advancement. The whole career path is consecutive "There are four levels of salaried restaurant management career opportunities at McDonald's- Manager Trainee/ Second Assistant Manager level, First Assistant Manager level, Restaurant Manager level, and Consultant level." Benefits: "One of the increasing concerns of McDonald's is its growing, increasingly diverse workforce and matching and effectively communicating the benefits to all segments of that workforce." (William et al. 1996) The benefits of the employees in McDonald's are organized into four categories: health and insurance benefits, compensation, reward and recognition programs, savings, investment and financial management programs, work/life benefits. In order to the following analysis, the reward and recognition program is listed only. ...read more.


Simultaneity, customer satisfaction would be the most important business strategy highlighted. However, the change of its human resource management practice is laggard. Therefore, quickening this change is more likely important and urgent. However, change is difficult. Mullins mentioned that " as to organisational resistance, there are five factors resistance to change: organisation culture, maintaining stability, investment in resources, past contracts or agreements, and threats to power or influence."(Wang Yong 2003 Handout Week 7) John Storey argued that "training and development should be regarded as central to anything that can sensibly be termed HRM"(John Storey 2001). The operations and business management training, which provided to the restaurant managers, franchisees, mid-level managers, and corporate executives, it more likely tends to act as a 'catch-all' banner. All these kinds of managers enter into this training without selection. It is possible to affect the function of its motivation. 9.0 Conclusions 1. The present corporate strategy and business strategy of the McDonald's company are more likely defensive strategy and cost leadership strategy, respectively. Moreover, it is foreseen that these strategies will be implemented for a long term in the McDonald's corporation. 2. In the training and reward and recognition program, some policies and activities completely fit with customer satisfaction strategy. Some training were not designed wholly to fit with customer satisfaction strategy. However, they can be used as vehicle of conveying and implementing this business strategy. 3. It is difficult that human resource fit with the business strategy, because of the changeability of environment. Moreover, the human resource of change is difficult and slow. 10. ...read more.

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