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My assignment is on business ethics, factors that influence them such as culture and society plus their importance in modern corporate culture. This I have done with the example of Atlas Honda Cars Pakistan Ltd.

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Letter of Transmittal: To, Prof. Mr. Anwar Bukhari, Informatics. Respected Sir, The scope of this assignment is to find out what Ethics are, that is when they are taken in account for an individual or an Organization. The difference between ethics and morality plus what is the effect of culture and society on part of professional ethics. By the help of luminous example of Atlas Honda Cars Pakistan, I have tried to find out; how possibly ethics and culture affect the health of an organization. What under ideal circumstances an ethical organization should sound like and investigating whether Atlas Honda is really carrying its activities out under the flag of ethical awareness. If yes, coming paragraphs will disclose that and, if not, this document still has some Hondaness to go with. Yours sincerely, 1407-1201-5475 Abstract: My assignment is on business ethics, factors that influence them such as culture and society plus their importance in modern corporate culture. This I have done with the example of Atlas Honda Cars Pakistan Ltd. Business ethics is a very broad and confusing topic that can have many meanings to different individuals. After studying what ethics are to an Organization, I found out that some people believe that awareness of ethics may lead to better business practice, while others say that If ethics training does not provide a "how to" for putting ethical theories into practical environment unlike several other business theories, how come one feel easy to implement this confusing aspect to their business. Taking the example of Atlas Honda Cars Ltd, I tried to keep an open mind and think about how variably an organization can apply some of these ideas into their own structure and decisions. I will begin with the definition of ethics as well as the definition of business ethics. From there, I will summarize the main points of an ideally ethical organization, and then I will go back over each point and try to elaborate it with the under consideration company "Atlas Honda Cars Ltd". ...read more.


- We will make every effort to minimize and find appropriate methods to dispose of waste and contaminants that are produced through the use of our products, and in every stage of life cycle of these products. - As both a member of the company and of society, each employee will focus on the importance of making efforts to preserve human health and the global environment, and will do his or her part to ensure that the company as a whole acts responsibly. - We will consider the influence that our corporate activities have on the regional environment and society, and endeavor to improve the social standing of the company. HONDA as an element of our society: Honda Organization is a part of a large society and is accountable to this society for its actions. Diagram below explains how traditionally and conventionally 'Honda' reacts to the Social responsibility in Marketing Department: Honda Company is currently fulfilling three of the most conventional duties with respect to its social interaction and its current disposition: a- Profit Responsibility: Company serves it as a duty to maximize profits for their owners or stockholders as any other company would. b- Stakeholder Responsibility: Here the Company focuses on the obligations an organization has, to those who can affect achievement of its objectives. E.g. customers, employees, suppliers distributors. Building from the fundamental beliefs of Respect for the Individual, the Honda Company Principle was stated in 1956. In 1962, the principle was expressed in English as "Maintaining an international view-point, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest efficiency yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction". What does Honda say about Stakeholders Responsibility? Reference: Honda world, Conduct Guideline Link: http://world.honda.com/conductguideline/ "We must be aware that we can grow more quickly and utilize those core values that are not already realized, by constantly creating occasions for a meeting of minds globally, understanding, supporting in a patient and constructive manner. ...read more.


Corporate ethics and its fundaments: If we extract an infrastructure of what generically an Organization must be in order to exhibit some ethical disposition, I have summarized the following points that are no less than some hereditary traits Atlas Honda got from its ancestor Honda Japan: Management discipline: There is a complete hierarchy of Managerial posts at Atlas Honda and they work day and night to bring the Company up to marked ethical standards. Managers have learnt the fact how ethical philosophy should be laid down in the roots of management. Strong teamwork and productivity: Honda Atlas with its hard working managers emphasizes on the importance of the word "WE" in their philosophy. They manage their employees with empathy and nice rewarding schemes; injecting the spirit of dedication into them. Implementation of ethics by managers and streaming down this positive effect to employees helps to maintain a moral path in times of havoc. Strong public image: Atlas Honda has earned a pretty good image in Pakistani society. Their public support in form of charitable funds, disaster relief and other volunteer services on cause have enhanced their imagery in minds of common people. Atlas Honda gives a very humble and gentle temperament towards the society it works in. Visionary policies and obeying rules and regulations: From business transactions, safety and hygiene, management of information to carrying out company laws at all costs without thinking twice; Atlas Honda is really fulfilling the mission statement of the company. Ethics are merely an element of every procedure carried out in this organization. A company without vision is nothing and if some visionary coarse is followed; policies and laws are first to adhere with. After all they are the building stones for the company. Stakeholders' responsibility: As mentioned above in the article, Honda has hard coded policies regarding interaction of the company with stakeholders. Respect for the Individual also defines their relationship with those for whom and with whom they do business. Everything they do must not only fulfill but exceed customer's expectations; actually satisfying the customer is their top priority. ...read more.

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