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Personal Development Plan

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Introduction "Personal Development Plan is a list of educational needs, development goals and actions and processes, compiled by learners and used in systematic management and periodic reviews of learning. It is an integral part of reflective practice and self-directed learning for professionals." Wojtczak, A. (2002) The primary purpose of this assignment is to develop a personal development plan, while simultaneously appraise of my career so far and as well as to clarify my future plans. My ultimate goals are to be become a qualified Business Analyst and Project Manager within two years. I intend to self fund the courses relating to the listed professions and this would cost me in the region of two thousand pounds. Also, I intend to join two societies with the purpose of enhancing my interpersonal, networking and specialist knowledge skills. Over the last decade I have worked both in the retail and public sectors, while studying initially for my A' levels at Kingsway College and later I studied at London South Bank University for a degree course in Business Information Technology. When I finally graduated eight years ago I initially worked with Westminster City Council for a few months, before I secured a housing officer role with my present employer Waltham Forest Council. "Life is either a grand adventure or nothing." Helen Keller Goals / Objectives To enhance my networking / interpersonal Skills, in order facilitate my effectiveness in the new career. ...read more.


My role is to educate applicants to seek alternative form of accommodation. Reliable / Dependable, currently at my work place; I am regarded unofficially as the team leader whenever the manager is not around. Generally colleagues would come to me for insights, as they perceive me to be competent well above what it is required of the job. I generally perform well at work that even my manager often forgets to supervise me at regular interval. Independent / Independence of Mind, although I may be incline to respect rules and regulations, but at times I tend to free myself from constraints of conventions, especially if I see it necessary in solving problems. I generally get irritated with group think regarding processes and procedures at work. Weaknesses Sceptical of others ideas / feedback, this stems from my distrustful nature. In order to be effective in my future career, I would need to encourage rather than be dismissive of others views and be accommodating to feedbacks. Slightly introverted, I generally try my best to conform to team norms; but I occasionally do not get involve in certain team activities. Occasionally Unsparing, I often can be resolute about how things should be dealt with, I sometimes get critical of colleagues if tasks are not done the way expect them to be. Opportunities Immigration quota on specialist IT consultants coming in to UK since June 2010, due to quota policy put in place by the current government regarding highly skill migrants, it would probably increase my chance of finding a contract in the IT sector. ...read more.


I tend to rationalise, analyse and make decision dispassionately and objectively without being swayed by too much by emotions. I generally find it stressful when my daily routine is disorganised, friends and colleagues would normally make comments such as, that I am too organised and task oriented. According to Robbins, S. (2005), I fit into the realistic / investigative type, judging by the Holland Personality types. I prefer to analyse situations, do practical activities and I profoundly guard my independence. The Johari Window test shows that my first quadrant is very small. This indicates that my interpersonal skills are limited, which further proves what all other tests are confirming about my introverted nature. But, I disagree with Johari's notion that there is an absolute correlation between lack interpersonal and communication skill. Conclusion One of the reasons why PDP has been useful to me is that it has allowed me a level of introspection, which might not have been possible without this exercise. It has also given me extra gear needed to focus my resources on areas that needed development for my future career. I have learnt that learning is mostly effective when we know our learning styles. I have also, noted the importance of continuous learning in order to fulfil my potentials in this transitional age. Self awareness skill will be crucial for me to display effective leadership and my overall career success is dependent on it, without a good understanding my personal preferences and others preferences, my career might well be doom to failure in this diverse globalise world. ...read more.

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