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Recuiting a Management Accountant

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SMART TOYS ENTERPRISES LTD REQUIREMENTS A Proposal to Recruit a Management Account Proposal from the Financial Accountant Proposal to the Managing Director Introduction A proposal to recruit a management accounts allows me to identify that accounting consists of compiling, collecting, recording, evaluating, analysing and reporting financial and economic transactions in Smart Toys Enterprise Ltd. Financial accounting and Management accounting are two sectors that are dealt with in the organisation looking at different information related to the enterprise. There are different duties that management accounting entails and shall be look at in this proposal, also the relevance, the importance and both the advantages and disadvantages will be explored. The required qualification and experience will also be stated to ensure a perfect candidate is acquired. Accounting Since the organisation Smart Toys Enterprises Ltd started, I can state that the accounting department has been a major part of our success in organising this business. The accounting roles that are taken in this field include; * Recognizing the business dealings including sales, purchases and inventory receipts, equipments, and payroll of employees. * Measuring our sales to other businesses in terms of money value per unit(s) ...read more.


The duties that come will such a role will include those illustrated in the model below: Model 1: Management Accountant Duties Relevance The role will require the use of a wide variety of financial and statistical procedures to relay information and statements to the managers. The management accountant will be expected to determine what and why information is required, deciding the best possible way in which to relate the information to the managers with potential value. Having such a role introduced will also mean new changes in the accounts department in the type of data collected and the way it is resourced. All these are new information that Smart Toys are able to resource since our vast expansion also accumulating a higher volume of both financial and management accounting statistics. Thus the department is also expanding. Qualification and Experience Required From my experience at Smart Toys Enterprises Ltd I know that its success is based on its employees having good and relevant qualifications in there choice of skill. The company is relatively new so recruiting an experienced management accountant will be gladly welcomed. ...read more.


This sector helps in the planning, controlling and decision making by the managers to reach the maximum potential of the organisation as a whole. Financial accounting and management accounting are core to regulating Smart Toys(tm), having respective roles to manage each sector will greatly benefit the organisation to achieve its objectives. Accurate information in the required time about relevant activities increases the options managers are left with giving them a chance of making the rational decision. Recommendation It is highly recommended that Smart Toys(tm) employs a management accountant to assist in the accounting department to take up the management accounting tasks. In light of these it is also vital that additional duties are taken up by this role, which will improve the financial statements that are identified, measured and communicated by the accounting department. The new sector and role is an effect from expanding considering that production and sales have increased by 40%. This in turn has increased the pressure placed on the accounting department leading inaccuracy and being timed out. Recruiting a management accountant will ease pressure on my department and benefit the organisation as a whole. Eventually weighing up the marginal cost and benefit of having a management accountant leaves the rational choice of recruiting one now. ...read more.

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