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Tourism: solutions to evident problems.

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Introduction to advanced writing Essay No3: International Tourism - Target readers: anyone interested in how mass-tourism challenges the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, Greece in particular. - Purpose of writing: inform but also try to attract attention on the matter at hand. - Form of publication: this document should probably be published as a report, or, as an informative and self-reflective document, perhaps as a regional newspaper article. Tourism: solutions to evident problems Tourism is usually regarded as travelling for recreation although this definition has been expanded in recent years to include any travel outside of one's normal working or living area. Tourists are usually interested in the destination's climate, culture or its nature. As far as mass tourism is concerned, one wants to visit works of art, taste new cuisines, precisely the same way an average tourist visits a country, but with the difference that mass tourism involves a great number of tourists. ...read more.


Wildlife trade is most often in Greece, in the form of illegal fur sales, and souvenirs that are from endangered species. Moreover, some species are extremely threatened, by the risk of the loss of their habitat to tourism and again, the sale of illegal souvenirs. One example comes to mind to illustrate this phenomenon; most of the loggerhead turtle breeding sites on the beaches of Greece are destroyed by the pollution caused by mass tourism. Mass tourism has also developed an important pollution in the air, because of the lack of rail network. A second broad problem caused by mass tourism is the urbanisation. In order to face the growing number of tourists who spend their holidays in Greece (or in a country of the Mediterranean), a lot of holiday resorts, infrastructures have to be built. ...read more.


This process is nowadays existent but ineffective as this committee is working "against" the Greek government. In order to solve the urbanisation problem, the regions of Greece should try to keep in their new constructions, the charm and the tradition of the original houses and buildings. The outside appearance should be more uniform, old fashioned, and the inside of the tourist accommodations with the comfort they have back home. In summary, the authorities should do a more effective job in neutralising the sales of illegal wildlife in all its forms. Moreover, the construction of a bigger and more modern railway system would benefit not only the tourists but also the locals. It is an investment for the future that could partially solve some of the pollution problems. Hopefully, some of these changes will occur in Athens, as well as in Greece in general, in order to proudly host the upcoming Olympic Games. ...read more.

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