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Analyse the methods used in two print advertisements from the Barnardo's Stolen Childhood campaign and assess to what extent you think the techniques utilised in these advertisements are justified?

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Media Coursework Assignment Analyse the methods used in two print advertisements from the Barnardo's Stolen Childhood campaign and assess to what extent you think the techniques utilised in these advertisements are justified? Thomas John Barnardo (1845-1905) set up the Barnardo's charity in the nineteenth century to run orphanages for disadvantaged children. He was very good at fundraising techniques. One of his many ideas was photography of children both in need of help and some already rescued. He liked to take before and after pictures to show the public what Barnardo's can do. Barnardo help children from being harmed, emotionally, physically and mentally, they also give children opportunities to learn. Barnardo now have three hundred and fifty seven services across the UK. They help one hundred thousand children, young people and families a year. The advertisements from the stolen childhood campaign were released with an aim to further the charity's images and to challenge governmental and public attitudes about child prostitution. Past advertisements have made Barnardo's established as a charity although the general public are not aware of Barnardo's work. The vast majority of people still associate Barnardo's with running orphanages, something that they haven't done for twenty-five years. Barnardo's main objective is improving life chances of vulnerable, damaged children and young people. ...read more.


The girl in the foreground is obviously a girl and the person in the back looks male after looking at the leg hair. You can tell that these two people are not two people that would normally meet and socialise. The posture of the little girl in the foreground is indicating that she is covering her genitals, you can see this because she has her hands clenched together and her toes together. The posture of the person behind her is shown to be very relaxed as the person is lying down. The key technical code for this advertisement is the face as it has been digitally changed from a little girls face, as it should be to an old woman's face. This advertisement has not been framed, although this advertisement may have been cropped as it only shows a part of the bedroom. The upper body of the larger person in this advertisement has been left out to show the relation of size between the little girl and the person behind. The lighting in this advertisement is from the back of the image. The camera angle is a bit tilted to the right and quiet low as it shows the floor and the bottom of the bed. A further analysis of the stolen childhood advertisement (advertisement 2) ...read more.


The lighting in this advertisement is from the same angle as the camera. The camera angle is straight from the boy as you can see all of the boy and only a part of the larger person in the foreground. Barnardo's claim the purpose of the Stolen Childhood campaign is not to raise money but challenge attitudes. Barnardo's should show these advertisements because people should be aware of the issue. Another reason why Barnardo's should show the advertisement due to the fact that it allows people to help. The main reason why the advertisements should be shown is because it is a serious and important issue that cannot be ignored. On the other hand Barnardo's shouldn't be able to display the advertisements because they are extremely unpleasant as they are over exaggerated. The advertisements are also disturbing and upsetting, if a child was to view the advertisements their frame of mind may change. It could also influence the attitude of a child. The advertisements are also implying prejudice to poverty. To me both these Stolen Childhood advertisements signify a very important issue that people need to be aware of. I think that although this issue is extremely important the advertisements are unpleasantly over exaggerated. As a final opinion I think that Barnardo's should have advertisements out about child prostitution but just not as unpleasant. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Divya Mistry 10SnH ...read more.

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