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University Degree: Donne

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  1. How do different poets treat the theme of love?

    The poems we will be examining according to these aims are 'First Love', 'The Flea' and 'Porphyria's Lover. We will be trying to establish a link between these three poems that connects the poet's or the women in some way. The first poem I will examine is 'First Love'. In this poem Clare strives to illustrate the over-whelming power and strength of the love he is feeling for the woman. We can see this when he says 'I was ne'er struck before that hour'.

    • Word count: 719
  2. Piercy's Barbie Doll tells the short life story of a specific girl. How does this poem help to illustrate or dramatize some of the ideas we find in A Work of Artifice?

    Barbie Doll exemplifies some of the concepts that we see in A Work of Artifice because like the girl in Barbie Doll the bonsai tree in A Work of Artifice is always trying to achieve the perfect look or shape. The gardener is always tending to the bonsai tree each day to make sure that it is pruned properly and that it is only 9 inches tall. The girl in Barbie Doll tried to achieve her perfect look by "cutting off her nose and her legs" and offering them up.

    • Word count: 897
  3. Characteristic Styles of John Donne and other Metaphysical Poets

    Donne takes metaphors from all kind of spheres of life, especially from crafts and sciences, and makes frequent use of the "conceit": a surprising, ingenious , far-fetched turn of ideas. Often a whole poem is an extended "conceit" and frequently a poem ends ends with a final "conceit" in the last two lines. Donne developed his technique writing love poetry, and later adapted it to the writing of religious poetry. Comparing Donne to Herbert: The poetry of George Herbert shows that to a large extent he folowed the lead inititated by John Donne.

    • Word count: 983
  4. "The Good Morrow" a poem by John Donne.

    This is very admirable to read since the narrators love is so devoted and deep it makes all other love seem insignificant by comparison. Donne writes with images of sleep, and the way in which one's eyes can be closed to what the world has to offer. This suggests that their absence of sight in the darkness, denies them from the light which holds the knowledge about the ways of love, greater than what the world has to offer. I criticize Donne's imagery by being crude yet witty, when imagery of the proverbial breast of a mother is used to describe the adolescence of love, in lines 2-3 "were we not weaned till then?

    • Word count: 861
  5. Explore the various arguments used by John Donne to achieve his aim. In what ways does the language and style of the poem make the arguments persuasive and effective?

    This implies that when the blood mixes it is the same result as if they had had sex nevertheless as their bloods would have united. This is a very weak argument on behalf of Donne as the blood does not actually pass from one person to another during sexual intercourse; it is only bodily fluids. We can see that in "The Sunne Rising" that Donne suggests ideas that are unrealistic.

    • Word count: 506
  6. "Compare and contrast any two love poems you have read, discussing their themes, their use of language and their appeal to an audience".

    we will all the pleasures prove" He, the narrator tries to persuade his mistress by being very forthright and by being very bold, telling her what he is going to give her. However, in Donne's poem, which is parody of Marlowe's, Donne has the same two opening lines but the last two of the first stanza are very different. "...Of golden sands, and crystal brooks With silken lines, and silver hooks." The difference here is that Donne says that we will go to the countryside but instead of looking at valleys, mountains and hills which is what Marlowe says, he and his mistress will have a lot of fun.

    • Word count: 987
  7. The Florist's at Midnight.

    Personification of the flowers is another technique used, parallel to this one of aggressive imagery, to further highlight the fact that we have murdered these flowers that were once alive, as we are ~ the 'dark mouth' of a lily, once full of 'breath', has now been suffocated by its own 'wax shawl curl(ing) around its throat' and 'packed' in 'buckets'. The use of enjambment at the start of the poem reinforces the flow of the plants breathing, again granting them a human-like quality and reminding us that they too, were living beings.

    • Word count: 744
  8. Although Donne seemingly flatters his lover in"The Sun Rising," nevertheless she is effectively silenced.

    I disagree with the statement that Donne's lover is "effectively silenced." Donne's lover isn't even mentioned to have said anything so how could she have been effectively silenced? I think that at the time the poem was written society oppressed women. It was believed that women shouldn't talk unless they were spoken to.

    • Word count: 327
  9. Commentary on “The Flea” by Sir John Donne.

    As the poem progresses he makes use of the flea as a symbol of how much such a small, insignificant thing to one, may men the world to another. Donne proves this concept by having the flea suck the blood out of the two personas in the poem and then and having the speaker compare his intentions to the little flea's actions. The man implies that the flea sucking the blood out of the woman is worse than him having sex with her, and that to all effects their blood has already been mingled in this flea.

    • Word count: 801
  10. Essay on "The Broken Heart" - The imagery in John Donne's poetry is not just a vital part in his works,

    The tone he uses also gives the impression he was almost desperate to be understood. He makes the poem personal to him by asking rhetorical questions like "Who will believe me, if I swear, That I have had the plague a year?" and "Who would not laugh at me, if I should say, I saw a flask of powder burn a day?" When revised carefully, these questions have a feeling of extreme anxiety and grief. The images and the tone of all of Donne�s poetry is what gives him his own classic, artistic approach.

    • Word count: 471
  11. A Common Donne Theme, In Three of his Poems.

    the all encompassing one in the other poem, is perfect, without the imperfectness of the real world like "sharp north" (line 18). Then there is "The Canonization," where Donne includes the point of unity among the lovers, but uses it rather to argue for the point that they deserve to be sanctified for this incredible unity. In all three of these poems, Donne creates a progression from "bad" to "good." In "The Sun Rising," as the title suggests, Donne starts out using early dawn, which is bad for the speaker because he has to wakeup since the sun is bugging

    • Word count: 658
  12. Commentary on Donne’s “The Sun Rising”

    The third group comprises Donne's religious works, which deal exclusively with spirituality, divinity, and faith in association with religion. The Sun Rising, with it's assertion of the power of love over time and space, and the spiritual unity of the two lovers, belongs clearly to the second group. In The Sun Rising Donne proudly vaunts the power of love in two declarations: love creates its own time and establishes its own space. The first declaration is stated in the first stanza: "Love, all alike, no season knows, nor clime, nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of time."

    • Word count: 775
  13. The Persuasive Tone of The Flea

    First of all, the situation created by Donne is remarkable. Although there is only one speaker in ��The Flea,�� the poem itself reveals a profound interaction between speaker and audience. Here is an example: ��Mark but this flea, and mark in this,�� (line 1) and ��Oh stay, three lives in one flea spare,�� (line 10). In line one, the poet asked his coy mistress to notice a flea and explain that the flea symbolized the combination of their love. Whereas, when the poem goes on to the first line of the second stanza, the lady ignores Donne��s enthusiasm by intending to slay the flea.

    • Word count: 631

Conclusion analysis

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  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Discuss Poet Mathew Arnold as a poet of Melancholy? As a representative poet?Introduction:- Victorian age was an age of industrial revolution. The first railway train was introduced

    "Conclusion:- In such a world, where faith is absent, love can be the only consolation. Hence the poet asks his beloved to be constant in her love, he tells her that although the world looks new and beautiful like a fairyland, yet it does not have any charm. It is without happiness, love, light, certainty, peace and help. The world in the varied forms appears attractive and charming life ,a land of dreams, but in fact is possesses nothing to heighten the spirit. It is devoid of all good things that fill the world with great and real cheerfulness. The people of the world have lost the real aim of life. They are not better than soldier go on fighting in the darkness of the night. They are so confused that they don't know why and with whom they are fighting similar is the state in which the people of the world are found. They are utterly confused in life and struggle in vain. As they don't know the goal of life, their efforts do not take them anywhere."

  • Discuss "The Flea" as a typically metaphysical poem

    "In conclusion, it is thus very clear that John Donne's The Flea poem is typically metaphysical, by embodying quintessential characteristics of the genre throughout the poem. As well as the conceit within the poem, and the metaphysical manipulation of the poem's structure and form, the poem is also one of immense innuendo. In keeping with metaphysical conventions, although there are constant hints towards the erotic, the poem does not have any explicit reference to it, highlighting the subtlety of the argument he portrays, which is cleverly hidden but delivered through use of a very unusual and absurd object which in this case is the physical existence of the flea itself. The poem is successful as a typical poem of the metaphysical poetic movement, as it utilises every element of the poem, including its structure and language, to exhibit the archetypal attributes of absurd imagery and witty, intelligent and yet subtle arguments to convey the passionate argument of John Donne. Ashley Louise Coffey 12CR English - Miss Barry 08/02/07"

  • Choose a poem typical of John Donne's love poetry - Discuss its methods and concerns and explain why you have chosen it as particularly representative.

    "The poem comes to a succinct ending, in its explanation that 'Thy firmness makes my circle just, /And makes me end, where I begunne'. The "compass" imagery is thus brought to its logical conclusion in the idea that the lover will return to where he started: 'in the centre sit[s]' her soul. The journey has come full circle, and hence they can be reunited after the separation. Although this poem is almost entirely focused on a particularly sensitive and 'refin'd' aspect of love, there is one image of the arm of the compass which 'growes erect as that comes home', thus dispelling the sense of bodily contact being unnecessary. The gentle tone does not make its argument any less compelling, due to cleverly constructed comparisons which are equally effective in both their persuasive technique and romantic content. Thus, I feel 'A Valediction forbidding mourning' typifies many of the characteristics of John Donne's love poetry, whilst retaining its own uniqueness."

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