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Mini biography of my mother

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Mini biography of my mother In a dark dingy hospital in the North of England, a baby was born. Her grand arrival into the world was made highly inauspicious for several reasons, the main reason being that a Caesarian section was required. This in itself was not particularly unusual, however her father couldn't be tracked down, and there was no surgeon available. Eventually a surgeon could be tracked down (dragged off the golf course), though he did complain about being dragged from his game of golf on such a nice summer's evening (he was winning). Her father being contacted presented a far larger problem. Since this was before the days of cars and telephones the police were used to find him, and when they couldn't find him the operation had to be performed without his consent. The birth itself took 72 hours and ever since my mother hasn't let anyone rush her. She was born on June 21st 1959, at a time when Marilyn Monroe was still starring in films, when sending a dog into space was thought revolutionary, when dressing to look like a teddy bear was considered fashionable. My mother speaks of these day and the following two decades will deep nostalgia for reasons I cannot begin to fathom. She speaks of it as if it was a golden age, and conveniently forgets events like the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, and the appalling haircuts. ...read more.


To make matters worse, her mother was recently qualified and working as a teacher in the same school, and one day she was invited to the teacher's house. The flat fascinated her, because the teacher had travelled the world and had exotic stuff from places like India, Thailand and even China. This was particularly remarkable because at the time air travel was extremely rare. From this experience she concluded that the teacher wasn't a horrible evil women, just good with children. Her remaining time at primary school passed without any major events, and when she finished at primary school she moved house yet again. This would be the fourth different house she had lived in, and she would live in two more before she went to university. She moved house so much because of her father's job in trading standards (head of the weights and measures department), and so they moved every time a bigger department with more prestige was available. Private secondary school then was a very different place to private secondary school now. Several unmarried elderly women ran merchant Taylor's girls school. So consequently he was extremely strict. For example if you were caught without your velour hat on, you were given a detention. If you were caught eating in the streets it was a detention. This however had some advantages. My mother has now become extremely honest and law abiding. ...read more.


She took a particular liking to one of them and a friendship developed. Five years later they were married, and she then first year student was now qualified as a doctor. With them both fully qualified, they could afford to go abroad for their honeymoon. In the end they decided to go to Pisa. The rest is history. Two years later I was born, and my mother gave up work to concentrate on being a mother. She remembers being a mother as the best part of her life. She seems to have already forgot about all the sleepless nights, tantrums etc. Two years later my sister was born. Apparently having a second child completely changed being a parent for her. She repeatedly says, "When you have one child you're a mother, when you have two you're a referee". At the time my father was looking for a full time job, and a bigger house was need anyway. We therefore moved to your current house in Frampton Cotterell. After my sister's birth she remained at home for a further two years, then when I started school she return to her previous job part time. After my first year of school she became pregnant for the final time, and in October 1992 she had my brother. Whilst she took some time off work she returned soon after. She has remained there ever since, and in the last 8 years not much has changed. ...read more.

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