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Mobile usage between Japanese and Australian Youngsters

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USES OF MOBILE PHONE IN JAPANESE AND AUSTRALIAN YOUNG PEOPLE Uses of Mobile phone in Japanese And Australian young people 1. Introduction The condition is obvious since telecommunication becomes one industry that experiences fast develpoment in technology that shapes how consumers use technology to communicate with their friends and relativies. If in 80's, they only relied on voice communication, in 21st century, they can communicate one another via video call/conferencing. However, all advanced technology is useless if carriers or operators cannot employ the benefits of the technology to serve the market. In order to serve the market well, a carrier should understand what the customers want and needs. This condition also becomes a challenge for a telecommunication company. As each particular individual has a different need on using telecommunication services, therefore, two different countries will have different uses of using mobile phones. Concerning this issue, we will discuss how Japan and Australia differs when it comes to their mobile phone usage. This would focus particularly to young people who are more prone with this latest technological development. Prior to the comparing of two countries in terms of usage of mobile phones among the youth, this paper will elaborate the recent development of mobile phone industry and its significance in global media, global mobile phone industry trend highlighting Japan and Australia (history, analysis of ...read more.


3. Mobile phone use in Japanese and Australian 3.1. Carriers/Service Providers Hutchinson Whampoa, a mobile operator in Australia, is a telecommunication company that develops the implementation of 3G in the first time in the world after NTT DoCoMo in Japan. Basically, 3G technology that Hutchinson Whampoa offers is similar to other operators or carriers in other parts of the world where the technology provides more bandwidth than 2G technology does. In telecommunications, more bandwidth means more space for transmitting large amounts of information such as music downloading, mobile games, internet browsing, video call/video conferencing, and video streaming. The technology can be upgraded into the 3.5G technology that provide speed up to 2.6 Mbps, some operator claims 3.6 Mbps, faster than 3G technology that offer 384 kilobytes per second when a device is stationary or moving at pedestrian speed. Currently, other operator like Vodafone also offer video conference features as the basic service for their 3G product. 3.2. Collectivism and Individualism One aspect that drives the growth of mobile phone usage is the influence of peers. This refers to collectivism. This situation is similar to the growth of social media like Facebook or Myspace. In Japan and Australia, the different use of mobile services is due to the technology and also the popularity of contents. ...read more.


This situation favors customers that can freely choose service providers that match their needs. Basically, the customers' needs for telecommunication services compose of three things: attractive services such as mobile internet, reliable products, and low costs. The three things can be fulfilled by the invention of 3G technology, which provide higher bandwidth than previous generation of mobile phone and the mass production of the 3G handsets and networks that bring the cost down. In addition, the rivalry between operators in Australian Mobile Telecommunications industry especially regarding 3G services is quite fierce since the incumbent operator, Telstra, also provide 3G services to customer with somewhat similar features such as video conferencing, Internet access, and Interactive application sharing. Video Conferences become Hutchinson Telecommunication (Australia) main target in addition to information services and communications: Figure 2 Hutchinson Telecommunication (Australia) Main Targets (a) Video Conference is features that all customers may use in order to communicate more effectively with their family, friends, and relatives (b) The global economy continues to be strong, and we believe our repeat customer and prospective clients will continue to flourish in this growth cycle. The greater bandwidth that 3G technology provides opportunity for network and application providers to develop features that run over the broadband network. One of application that grows today is mobile commerce or mobile e-commerce. The key to success in e-commerce turns out to be creating consumers database together with the persistence to conduct business in hard times. ...read more.

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