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information technology

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Information technology in our daily lives The most drastic alteration in our lives since the past few years is the penetration and massive progress of the Information technology which has become more of a necessity for us now rather than a facility. Information technology today has a completely distinct essence to it when compared with how it was perceived to be back in the day. The drastic changes that information technology has introduced in our lives have completely changed our lives and perhaps our lifestyles. Life has become much less manual and a lot hassle-free for people all around the globe that have active access to the innovations of information technology. (Baweja, pg23) Information technology is so closely attached with our lives today because half the efforts that we have to make in our daily lives in order to sustain and expand are now being done and completed by technological gadgets and machines. For instance, the innovative I Phone that can allow an individual to surf through the internet on the spot whenever he/she might need it for assistance and relevant information.


(Forester, pg84) Enhancement of the quality of life is the most noticeable aspect of attaching information technology so closely with our daily lives but it seems as if we are ignoring the problems that it is bringing along with the much-needed enhancement. For example, The GPS system (Global positioning system) which was originally developed for military-use but eventually it became a part of our daily lives in the form of car navigation system. The same GPS system is now being used by terrorists and in other illicit activities which obviously project the dark side of having information technology at hand. The most pragmatic yet optimistic side to having information technology at hand is less consumption of time and a better quality of life. For instance, we can reach out to our family and friends residing miles away from us through cellular phone, internet, computer and web cameras. It is worth mentioning here that every sphere of work and study has developed and excelled in this day and age because of the technological enhancement. Technology has provided every sphere with an opportunity to make their work a lot easier and organized.


However, at the same time we are much more aware and informative through these technologies as compared to the age when these technologies were not as widely available to the general population. (Wellman, Haythornthwaite, pg 66) Therefore, we can imply that there are many merits and demerits when it comes to the usage of information technology and people should be able to differentiate that. Information technology is bliss for the most part with such a gigantic impact on our daily lives but it should be used responsibly while realizing the significance of personal struggle and effort. We cannot deny that information technology has become the most significant part of our daily lives while making our lives a lot more hassle-free and swift. Take an example of e-mailing and online shopping which both define how deeply information technology has penetrated into our daily lives and how technologically accustomed we are now. Admittedly we can conclude that information technology is perhaps the most significant part of our daily lives now and it has taken human life to whole new and an intellectual level. Furthermore, it has opened infinite routes of receiving information anytime anyplace allowing us to live a much qualified and informed life.

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