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Compare and contrast a supervisory relationship in two different work settings. Critically analyse and evaluate the factors that contribute to a successful relationship and consider which factors might frustrate the successful supervisory relationship.

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Compare and contrast a supervisory relationship in two different work settings. Critically analyse and evaluate the factors that contribute to a successful relationship and consider which factors might frustrate the successful supervisory relationship. In this essay an attempt will be made to compare and contrast a supervisory relationship in two different settings and to critically analyse and evaluate the factors that contribute and also frustrate the supervisory relationship. Why supervision; "It is difficult to survive and to develop our work alone. We often need someone to listen to us, to 'be there' and perhaps to assure us that we are doing a worthwhile job. But we also need someone to help us stand back and look critically at our work within a relationship of trust". ( Twelvetrees A, (2002) page 187). Therefore supervision allows the supervisee or worker to examine their work practice in a non judgmental and comfortable environment as well as being able to think through what is happening for them as a worker and what is needed within their work situation. "It is both a particular kind of work, and a particular kind of working relationship. ...read more.


"In many organisations there is an absence of choice. One person is allocated the task of supervision. I would argue strongly in favour of choice or at least for some preparation prior to embarking on a supervisory relationship". (Preston-Shoot M, 1991 page 125) Managerial supervision sessions usually concentrate on the workers past present and future work, with issues of performance and competence often arising. This is sometimes the downfall of managerial supervision, as with an inexperienced supervisor or a supervisor who is too organisationally orientated, too often difficulties and problems are focussed on and achievements are too easily forgotten, giving the supervisee a feeling of being unvalued or under performing in his/her job. "The word 'supervisor' in organisations refers to someone who has hierarchical and managerial authority over others. There is a structured power differential and often an appraisal function that accompanies the role" (Lawton B, Feltham C (2000) page 165) Managerial and non managerial supervision are similar in a way that they both support, provide guidance and reassurance but there are fundamental differences. Although non managerial supervision is a support process which provides personal and professional support on an informal basis, it is more than just a chat between two people off loading their troubles or complaining about work. ...read more.


In conclusion it must be said that a great emphasis must be put on the quality of relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee, whether it be managerial or non managerial supervision and must increase the supervisee's motivation by feeling supported and valued. A good supervisory relationship must be based on trust and mutual respect for the supervision process to succeed and allow the supervisee to progress and develop both as a worker, a professional, and a person. Thought must also be put into the environment and conditions in which the supervision takes place, the supervisee must feel comfortable with the surroundings as well as the supervisor. Ensuring that all this is in place will allow for deeper honesty, openness between both parties and enable the supervisee to be truthful and address issues that are concerning them. One of the most significant points in the opinion of the writer though is, if possible, that the supervisee is given the choice of who their supervisor will be. It could contribute to a more trusting, respectful and open relationship between the supervisor and supervisee much sooner than if they are allocated a supervisor, especially if the pair are incompatible, which can often occur. ...read more.

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