Advertise to Students

Advertise to Students

by Andrew Perman | Tuesday 10th of January 2023


Do you want to advertise to students?

We have years of experience in advertising to students across a range of relevant brands, so it pays to work with us.

We get students

  • We've worked with students for a long time, and we really do understand them. If you want to engage with students effectively – talk to us. 
  • We're specific. When working with us, you can highly target your activity – by subject, age, level of study or social interests. 
  • We have a big, big audience. Marked by Teachers reach over 6 million students every single month. 
  • We are the digital gateway to reach the UK's student community. 
  • We're in this for the long-term. Because we work with students at all levels of education, we can help you Reach, Listen and Engage with students in secondary school right through to the end of university. 

We are committed to providing equal education opportunities for all and do what we can to support widening access into Higher Education.

  • 54% of our users' parents didn't go to university 
  • 51% have a household income of less than £24,000 
  • 99.1% of our users intend to go, are at or have graduated from university 
  • 20% of Marked by Teachers users are non-white British – that's 5% more than the entire UK population 
  • 80% of users across Marked by Teachers are state-schooled. 

We work with the majority of Higher Education institutes in the UK, government departments and many notable youth brands.

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