Assess the importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in Sainsburys.

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Unit 2: Business Resources

M2: Assess the importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in a selected organisation

The organisation I have chosen to assess is the supermarket giant Sainsbury's.  I believe this is a suitable organisation to investigate as they undertake a large recruitment process every year. Such a large company needs to recruit effectively in order to minimise costs and increase profits.

There are many different factors Sainsbury's need to consider relating to the recruitment process. A potential new employee must have the skills and qualities which match the job requirements. It is in Sainsbury's interests to recruit employees who will portray a professional image and communicate effectively with colleagues and customers in order to reflect a positive image of the company.

The skills and qualities a potential candidate possesses, has an effect on their capability of gaining and maintaining employment.  A CV is a document in which a jobseeker uses to advertise their skills and qualities which may appeal to a potential employer. In addition to skills and qualities employers take into consideration a person’s appearance and image. It is important for candidates to portray a good image about themselves as in this current economic climate there is great difficulty in finding jobs as there is more demand than supply.

 In addition to employing the right people, with the right skills, it is also important to consider the future when recruiting. If there is a candidate with the right qualifications and experience and who possesses relevant skills for the job, however is not certain whether he/she will stay in the organisation for the long term, may prove expensive for Sainsbury’s as they will have to spend more money recruiting and training another new recruit when he/she decides to resign.

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Employability refers to the suitable qualifications a candidate has achieved and the experience they have had in the past.

All employers generally require their staff to have obtained at least an academic qualification at GCSE level (Level 2). The majority of employers ask for at least C grade in English and Maths. Generally, the more qualifications someone possesses, the more employable they are; as employers look for people who are skilled and knowledgeable.  Sainsbury’s require their staff to have good English and Maths as staff that work on the POS deal with money and talk directly with customers.


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