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BTEC National Award Business         Unit 1 - Exploring Business Activity

From: Pablo Cortez

To: Tracy Feist                                                                        Date: 29/09/08


The following is a report into a public sector organisation known as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The BBC is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world, It is a public service broadcaster established by a royal charter, obtaining funding for its main operations through the television licence fee paid by UK households, such as 8 national TV Channels, 10 National Radio Stations, 40 Local Radio Stations and an extensive website.  For full TV Licence info and how it is used, see APP. Licence Fee. The BBC also operates in other areas such as the BBC World Service which broadcasts to the world on radio, on TV and online, providing news and information in 32 languages. It is funded by a government grant, not from the licence fee. The report will look into the purpose of the BBC,  how the BBC is run,  its mission, vision and values, six public purposes, overall performance, financial information, the six year investment strategy and other general operating activities.

Main Findings:

The BBC is governed by the BBC Trust which represents the interests of the licence fee payers and sets the overall strategic direction for the company. The Operational responsibility rests with the executive board, which is responsible for delivering the BBC’s services and running the organisation in accordance with the overall plan set out by the Trust. The Trust works closely with national  in order to understand the needs and concerns of audiences.

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The ambition of the BBC is to Inform, Educate and Entertain, its mission to enrich people’s lives with programs that follow that ambition and its vision to be the most creative organisation in the world.

In order for the BBC to fulfil its mission to inform, educate and entertain, the Royal Charter and Agreement sets out six public purposes.

  • Sustaining citizenship and civil society
  • Promoting education and learning
  • Stimulating creativity and cultural excellence
  • Representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities
  • Bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK
  • ...

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