Customer service - study of how different businesses can serve a typical customer's needs.

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(Case Study 2)

Group 2

Arceo, Alexsandra L.

Jacinto, Charito H.

Maniago, Kim Russel B.

Quiazon, Lady Lin T.

YFRESMAR/TTH – 4:30-6:00 PM

Ms. Cristina Naguit


  • Susan Munro is a young woman and a final year business student in a school of business who makes use of a wide array of services.

  • She’s a working student and she’s staying in an apartment which she shared with three other students in the apartment.

  • In just one day, she makes used of a variety of services, some of those met or even esceed her expectations. But almost of those services did not even met her expectations and ended up with dissapointments and unsatisfaction.

Background of the Problem

  • Susan Munro had overslept the following morning in the aparment where she shared with three other students. She dressed up hurriedly, then made a quick cup of coffee but she skipped her usual bowl of cereal, figuring she could pick up a bagel at school.

  • She have a daily ride to the university and it was the usual driver who recognized her and gave a cheerful greeting as she showed her monthly pass, the bus was quite full, carrying mix of students and office workers, so she had to stand.

  • When she felt hungry, she entered the main lobby and headed to the small food stand in the far corner, but the bagels was sold out and it wasn’t the first time that this had happen. But the class was about to start and she couldn’t wait.

  • Her professor in finance class lectured in a near monotone for about 75 minutes. It couldn’t help her because she was still feeling sleepy. She much preferred the Marketing course because her professor was a very dynamic individual who believed in having an active dialogue with the students.
Join now!

  • Susan and her three friends ate lunch at the recently modernized student union. Although she wanted to eat sandwich, the line of waiting customers at the sandwich shop was rather long, so Susan joined her friends at the Burger King and then splurged on a coffee latte from the adjacen Hav-a-Java coffee stand.

  • Susan headed off to visit the hairdresser. She liked the store, which had bright, trendy decor and well-groomed, friendly staff. Unfortunately, the cutter was running late and Susan had to wait 20 minutes. Eventually, after shampooing, the cutter proposed a slightly  different cut and Susan ...

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