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In this task I will define social, ethical and list all the self-regulatory and legal laws I will also be explaining how social, ethical and legal responsibilities affect the recruitment and selection process.

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Social, Ethical and Legal Responsibilities Introduction In this task I will define social, ethical and list all the self-regulatory and legal laws I will also be explaining how social, ethical and legal responsibilities affect the recruitment and selection process. Moral This is something that a person believes what is right and what is wrong. A person own moral might be different to other because it depends on how they have been brought up and what their religion tells them .e.g. in Islam the believers are told not to drink alcohol and this is something that they can't do no matter what their own values are. Another example can be that a child is told not to smoke and so he might not smoke because of what his parents have told him. Social Responsibility These are duties that an organization has to take care of because it applies to the employees, customers and the environment. It will benefit to the society because of the following: * Benefits to the Society: if my chosen school hires new employees than it will be helping the society as more people will have jobs, if a business manufactures good and becomes responsible than it will produce less hazardous pollution. in my chosen school it will help the society because they will take care of all the rubbish that is lying around the school, they will also make sure that their aren't any hazardous chemicals from the science department going into the water. ...read more.


Drawbacks * Effect on Profit and expensive * People might have different views about what they thing is ethical and what isn't e.g. the head of the school might say that giving extra time to Muslims students might not be good for their education while other teachers might say that it wont have any major effects, * Communication of ethics within the organization e.g. other students might find this problem to be unfair so they might also want extra time. Recruitment Laws These are rules which the employers must fallow when hiring anyone, if these are broken then there are consequences which the person or the business will have to deal with. These are to protect the person who's applying for employment because there are many different things that can affect an employee below are the different laws that will affect a teacher when s/he applies for a job. Discrimination This is when someone treats others unfairly on the bases of s*x, age, race, color, ethnicity, and religion or disability .e.g. only white people are allowed to work at a posh restaurant. It is different from been prejudice because that is a thought and discrimination is bringing that thought into action. there are however places where discrimination does occur for example in a girls school, in which only girls are allowed to attend and boys are not allowed this is discrimination but its allowed by the government. ...read more.


Disability Discrimination Act 1995 This law states that no one should be discriminated due to their disability and this law stops people who are disabled to be discriminated because of their disability. Employers should make sure that they don't decide on hiring a person according to their disabilities, as long as they are able to work .e.g. a person is refused to get a job because he can't walk. In my chosen school the staff must not treat disabled staff differently because this can lead to bad school reputation and further recruiting problems as described before. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 The employers have to make sure that the employees are in good health to work, they need to work all the safety equipment while at work they should also be thought the procedure of what to do in case of fire etc. Breaking any of these acts can cause problems because the employee can sue the business and so taking these acts under consideration is really important. This can also have a major affect on the business reputation because employees won't like to work for a business where they believe that they will be treated unfairly, they might also sue the business which can cause further problems for the business. When the employees arrive at an interview they should be made comfortable so that they are happy to work for the business. ...read more.

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