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Research Methodology

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Research Methodology (Using appropriate methods of market research) To make sure that I use appropriate methods of market research, I have planned out everything that I am going to do to find out all the information I need to sell my product successfully. I will make a questionnaire about cereal bars to ask people in my area. I will use this questionnaire to find out what people like about cereal bars and all the things that they would like to be a part of a cereal bar; This will give me an idea of what the public want. I need to make sure that all the questions in my questionnaire however, are all relevant to the information that would be useful to me, so then I'm not wasting any time. I will then make some samples of my cereal bar for the public to taste and comment on so I know if my product is tasty enough to be on the market and if it will be any competition for the existing cereal bars on the market. I will then use the internet to research into the other cereal bars that are on the market by looking at their internet websites and asking them a few questions by email or telephone about their marketing techniques. ...read more.


I now know what the customers will want from a new cereal bar. I know where they should be sold, that they should be healthy, a good price range for my product and that the main customers that I will need to focus on are mainly women between the ages of 26 and 60 (employed people). Most people in my questionnaire said that the taste is very important so I took the time to make a few samples of my product for the public to try. I gave out 18 samples to a selection of people that answered my questionnaire between the ages of 26 and 60 as this is my target market. The following comments were left: 'I thought that the cereal bar was very tasty and that the real fruit chunks were a great addition to the product.' 'Very nice, but a little bit chewy for me personally.' 'I would definitely buy this product if it came into the shops.' 'I didn't like this cereal bar because I don't like strawberries, I would consider different flavours.' 'It looked nice and tasted just as good as it looked' These comments helped me because I now know what a few of my problems are and what I could change about my product before it enters the market. ...read more.


This Information showed me that having just one cereal bar on the market probably wont be enough I will have to use the profit from the first cereal bar to invent more in different flavours and that also appeal to different age groups for my business to be a success. To find out more information about Kellogg's and their products, I have contacted them by email asking them to answer a few questions about their business and marketing techniques. I received an email a few days later, saying that they were unable to answer my questions as it is confidential information. This was a major setback to my research so I asked another company the same questions so that I would still get the response that I was looking for. I decided to ask Alpen (Part of the Weetabix Company). They answered the following questions. Who is the target market for your product? The target audience Alpen focuses on are young female adults between the ages of 18-35 years with an average annual income of �20,000 - �30,000. What advertising techniques do you use? TV, Radio, Internet, Press, Outdoor, Posters, Cinema, Sampling, Price Promotion, Press Release, Posters in public transport, On-pack offers, Prize questions and the Website. What are your marketing objectives? To achieve 40% customer awareness of Alpen among Dutch women between 18-35 Years old (target group), 12 months after the promotional campaign has been launched. ...read more.

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